MarkTwo Consulting employs highly capable and experienced consultants. Our consultants are professional facilitators for leadership development interactions and expert leadership assessors.

Many are accredited in the 3-dimensional organisational personality preference instrument for maximising performance called the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation. Several are also accredited in the personality inference instrument - the Pario Professional thematic questionnaire - which is ideal for selecting the best people into organizations or for identifying who is best for promotion. In addition many of these consultants are internationally accredited in behavioural interviewing (BEIs), executive coaching and/or life coaching.

Accredited Consultants

KatieAlder 324x350

Katie Adler (Senior Consultant)    BA (Hons), Grad Cert Bus, Grad Cert Career Ed & Dev

Katie is an experienced executive search consultant instrumental for many exceptional hires into organisations, bringing value which directly and often immediately affects companies...

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Parth Bommakanti   (Senior Consultant)    

Parth is a results-driven Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and NLP Master Practitioner with over 30 years of leadership training, coaching, and executive mentoring experience...


Sherryn Bowers  (Senior Consultant)    

Sherryn's extensive experience in Human Resources, Leadership and High Performance coaching across Corporate, Travel, Hospitality and Not For Profit organisations over the past 20 years...

rsz leigh

Leigh Coutie   (Principal Consultant)

Leigh is a Certified Practicing Engineer, Commercial Pilot and an award winning Project Director specialising in a comprehensive range of areas, including: PMO...

JenniDeKeyzer 301x350

Jenni De Keyzer (Senior Consultant)

Jenni has extensive experience in organisational IT with a background spanning from highly
technical roles through to human resource management...

Ian Farrands Photo

Ian Farrands   (Principal Consultant)     B Bus, Grad Dip App Comp, MACS Snr, CC ALB

Ian is a very experienced IT systems developer and leader. He has worked with numerous international organisations and is skilled in leading diverse teams to create complex information systems to improve work and productivity.

RuthOliver 274x300

Ruth Oliver (Well-Being Consultant)

Ruth brings an extraordinary breadth of perspective to the field of wel-being and the personal aspect of human resources...

DaleLee 350x315

Dale Lee (Senior Consultant)  

Dale is a Human Resource Management and Operations specialist who has extensive experience gained from operating in different market sectors...


Graham Robertson (Principal Consultant)    BA, B Ed, Grad Dip

Graham is a recently retired Managing Director with 23 years of leading Australia and New Zealand operations of global and locally owned businesses as an MD and VP...

RogerSimpson 285x320

Roger Simpson (Senior Consultant)

Over the past 21 years, Roger has worked with a number of retail clients here in Australia as well as overseas helping them to improve their customer service and increase their sales...


John Webb (Senior Consultant)   B. App Sc (Comp Sci)

John has over 15 years both creating and managing high performance teams in senior corporate roles...

Testimonial (read more...)I was impressed with the degree of integration that the UHM provides to enable a deep understanding of human intention and behaviour. The feedback that the instrument enables will allow individuals to gain deep insights into themselves if they are open to that experience. Mark's passion, clarity and integrity were an inspiration to me and the work I do - Gabrielle Ostrognay, Ph.D Psychology, MarkTwo Senior Consultant