Diversity and inclusions matters in all its forms. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute found that organisations that were gender diverse were 15% more likely to perform better than more homogeneous ones. Those that were ethnically diverse were 15% more likely to perform.

Personality diversity is just as important and in many ways: your personality creates your personal reality.

MarkTwo is the creator of the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (or UHM), a 3-dimensional psychometric instrument which provides a whole new way of understanding human nature, personality, culture and behaviour. It has been found to significantly help to enhance personal self-awareness and provide practical improvements to personal leadership performance. It provides a "mirror report" (a very accurate and objective 180 degree feedback) 

This personality appraisal tool is ideal for life and executive coaching, mentoring, counselling, teaching or mediating to support professional, personal or team development. Overall, the UHM Report provides a means to explore what level a person is currently at in their work and life. Its accuracy and insights arise from its holographic nature and three-dimensional perspective, and recent neuroscientific research has now validated the basis of the UHM typological instrument.

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"I had initial skepticism as to whether the UHM questions could provide any meaningful outcomes, but to my great surprise it was so horrifically accurate in identifying my main traits as well as offering guidance in personal development.  Having attended a number of such management courses previously let me say your course is the only one that ties the key concepts in any intuitive and meaningful manner…  l am confident of achieving better outcomes having been exposed to your philosophies and unique concepts.  I should have done this [the UHM] 20 years ago as it is spot on" - Peter Earle Grad Dip [OHM], CPMSIA, RSP - Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator, Monash City Council

Your Awareness

We are committed and skilled in boosting people's self-awareness with the UHM, a "thematic type" psychometric instrument, so you can trust us to help you enhance your self-awareness.

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