One key difficulty in recruitment is that the very best candidates applying for a role are choosing the organization to join rather than the other way around, as they will typically receive numerous job offers.

MarkTwo designs assessment and development interventions to stretch and enthuse participants. It meets the organizations specific needs while using the latest human behavioural knowledge in the field of human intelligence and performance. We have also created an appraisal based on its Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) for in depth self-awareness.

MarkTwo is, in many ways, one of the leaders in this area. For example, in his 2003 book “A Himalayan Trinity” Mark Oliver (Founder of MarkTwo) identified four fundamental intelligences - IQ, EQ (Emotional Intelligence), PQ (Physical Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence).

Leading authorities, such as Stephen Covey (the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and Danah Zohar (the author of Spiritual Intelligence) have also identified some of these intelligences recently.

Everyone is naturally high in one or two of these intelligences and naturally low in one or two. But all are developable if approached in the right way, and MarkTwo has the tools and works with clients to help them to develop them in individuals and their organizations. Also by considering the four types of intelligences when assessing talent, MarkTwo provides a far more comprehensive approach in selecting the right person for the role than those who only consider IQ and EQ aspects.

4 Intelligences you must be aware of for Talent Management

1) Physical Intelligence (PQ)

This is linked to Tactical decision-making and is about our attention and preference to scrutinise.

2) Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This  is linked to Relationship decisions an is about feelings and preference to sympathise.

3) IQ

This is linked to Operational decision-making and is about facts and preference to analyse.

4) Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

This is linked to Strategic decision-making and is about our intention and preference to strategise.

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Testimonial (read more...)

Mark Oliver is very impressive. I have met very many mentors and leadership developers, many of whom add absolutely no value. Mark Oliver, on the other hand, is highly intelligent and well qualified, very down to earth and competent and his offerings are straightforward and structured - Paul Bennett, Principal, Fish & Nankivell Ogilvie Watson