Seventy-five per cent of employees who took part in a recent leadership survey said Australian workplaces need better managers and leaders. The evidence is clear, personality style does not distinguish a good leader from a poor leader, instead it is their ability to motivate themselves and others. But what does that mean in practice?

The CEO of MarkTwo Consulting, Mark Oliver, has written several published thought leadership articles providing practical insights into the key issue of human motivation and how to translate some timeless wisdom into the modern workplace. His work on the "Myths of Leadership" has been published internationally (click here to read).

3 Articles on how to understand human motivation and its impact on leadership

1) Do you think that you have to be charismatic to be a good or great leader ? download free article here »

You would be in good company if you did. Fortunately, it is one of the many myths of leadership. Charisma can be a good quality to have but leadership is different and a greater quality…

2) Why do you need motivated and capable employees? download free article here »

Both capability and motivation are necessary for success, but they are not equally important. Many people  believe that capability (and intelligence) is more important than motivation, but it can easily be argued the other way around…

3) Motivations versus capability - what impact does it have on your organization? download free article here »

The organisational benefits of having more engaged staff are massive and many. For instance, engaged employees deliver 4 times more value to their organization than their non-engaged counterparts. But two things are key for engaged staff...

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Testimonial (read more...)

I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for the insights, training and learning my team and I experienced during the recent MarkTwo Accelerated Typology course. At key moments during our working days we now find ourselves referring to our understanding of our preferred thinking, acting and communicating styles, and find it easy (and amusing) to relate these to the mini workshops you presented. This new knowledge will be a key component of our future development as senior leaders. You are a gifted presenter and I would personally like to compliment you on your enthusiasm, high energy and clarity in presenting what are difficult topics, which made the whole experience enjoyable and engaging, while keeping us focused on the importance of the subject matter - Tim Hughes, Senior Director Biotech Manufacturing, CSL Behring Biotherapies for Life™