MarkTwo Consulting works with key partners at the top of their field whose expertise can help individuals and organisations to become high performing in the most important ways.

Key Partners



Organisations can be fairly successful with either excellent management or excellent leadership, but it takes excellence in both (or a lot of luck) to be a truly high performing organisation over the long term. Vative is a consultancy and training organisation which is expert in optimising businesses by improving their management processes and capability at all levels. It has delivered results through proven systems and methodologies for a wide range of organisations, covering all industry sectors.

Vative provides this business optimisation through leadership alignment, staff engagement, capability development and project implementation using Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies. It helps to develop and sustain a culture of continuous improvement in every individual and organisation they serve.

MarkTwo Consulting is expert in boosting leadership performance at all levels (e.g. helping Sydney Ports Corporation increase their sales price in 3 years by $3.1 billion). Vative has a proven track record in delivering excellent management results: consistently producing 300-1000% returns on investment (ROI) for projects and programs.

Imagine if your organisation gained the huge boost to its performance obtainable by combining this leadership and management expertise and support. 

Do you want to look at how you could make this happen and what this might involve in practice?
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david sharpley2

David Sharpley is the MD of Pario-Innovations, and MarkTwo Consulting works with his UK based company to access for its clients the best on-line trait instruments as well as maintain access to Intelligent 360 degree feedback, employee engagement surveys and questionnaires for use in selection and development. 
His work is backed by substantial research evidence of what makes a lasting difference to organisational effectiveness. The Intelligent 360 degree feedback concept allows specific questions to be directed to different groups of respondents highlighting the  expectations of others and the interdependence between roles in modern organizations.

Have you ever had access to psychometric instruments which give the most meaningful feedback and  accurate assessments of people?

If not then contact us for more information on how Intelligent 360 and other psychometric assessment instruments can help your organisation release its full potential.

Menza-Testa Productions

john barresi

John Barresi is the Principal of Menza Testa Productions, and MarkTwo Consulting work with him and his team to provide the highest quality business specific role-play simulations using specially selected actors.
Menza Testa Productions has worked with global companies  to help to improve the application of leadership in areas such as coaching and customer interactions throughout the client business. It uses highly challenging and realistic specifically customised role-plays. John himself has featured or starred in over 2500 live-role plays and theatre performances including international films.

Did you know that using trained actors can help develop key leadership skills which are hard to develop any other way?

If not then contact us for more information on how training with actors can help your organisation in surprising ways.

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Testimonial (read more...)

Everyone [all executive/ senior managers participated] thought it was fantastic... the two days. The role playing with the actors, blew me away, it was so valuable… from a person who is a not a huge role play fan! It was great. They were so powerful. It was really good – Mark certainly knows his stuff,  and is engaging… Mark was fantastic. The CEO wants to look at having Mark work with them in the business on a regular basis  - Dale Lee, Human Resources Director, McCormick Foods Australia