MarkTwo provides both public events and specially tailored corporate training, either for individuals or teams.

Good training programs focus on behavioural learning, that we “learn by doing”, and MarkTwo’s training applies numerous activities to embed the learning for participants of all styles and cultures (including the 4 “Kolb learning channels”).
This is as good as it goes but humans can think, feel and act, and the behavioural approach uses the acting channel missing two other key channels: thinking and feeling. Our programs do not miss these as they also use these other most powerful mechanisms to accelerate the participants’ learning:
• Changing their thinking so they “see reality more” and so can immediately make better decisions.
• Providing deep insights into being human which change their feelings towards experiences so they can deal with their professional (and personal) lives better.

We provide both personal and professional development, and have access to the some of the world’s best resources available for leadership development, talent management and coaching.

Example Testimonial (read more...)

“Facilitation over the week in itself provided a stunning example, case study and role model of what great leadership is all about. What an incredible and useful way to spend a week of my life. I have been reflecting on the great personal insights from the UHM conversation and I hope that any comments I make will do justice to what was one of the most insightful and professionally delivered courses I have undertaken. A week on, and I continue to gain insights as I become "The observer" of my own values, motivations and leadership. The UHM model works Mark. I congratulate you on your hunger for excellence, the results of which are evident in who you are and everything you do. ... As an educator myself, I recognise your ability to use a variety of learning styles to ensure all participants are catered for. The use of activities, video and YouTube clips were relevant, entertaining and engaging to say the least. Mix this with the carefully chosen stories and examples which come from years of research, reading and a passion for leadership and of course we are stimulated to think deeply and motivated to ask better questions...” - Barbara Hudson, Adult Education Trainer, William Angliss Institute

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