Are you facing ever increasing challenges at work or looking for a more fulfilling life?

We know that the business world is getting ever more competitive, complex and challenging. Disrupting technology is making it more uncertain for everyone. For instance, even 25 per cent of what CEOs do could theoretically be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (according to McKinsey).

Executive and senior management capability has a major impact on the success of organisations and 'Return on Investment’ studies in the field of executive coaching have shown it to deliver up to 6 times the financial cost of coaching if done well.

Research shows that employees who report to managers who are good coaches are 40% more engaged and
demonstrate 38% more discretionary effort at work.

But isn't coaching for poor performers?

Coaching is getting more and more important, and people often think that having a coach is a sign of a poor performer. It is the opposite. For instance, every one of the world's top sportspeople have coaches. Funnily enough, it is usually the best performers who have them.

The most important and costly decisions are strategic ones. In a recent McKinsey Quarterly survey of 2,207 executives, only 28 percent said that the quality of strategic decisions in their companies was generally good, 60 percent thought that bad decisions were about as frequent as good ones, and the remaining 12 percent thought good decisions were altogether infrequent.

This shows how difficult it is for capable executives to make good decisions at the most complex levels in the ever more challenging business world. This is why it is important what Chris Smith (the Principal of EMEA HR practice and UK lead at Korn Ferry) said;

I would be gobsmacked if any executive in any function didn't have a coach. I would find it odd - it would show a lack of self-awareness

Yet although nearly 75% of managers in the United States have received some form of training in how to coach employees, only 27% of employees have ever been coached. Of those coached, only 25% believed they benefitted and 10% believed the coaching they received hurt them!

Organisational and Personal Effectiveness

We support executives and senior managers by coaching using MarkTwo’s accredited executive coaches and by mentoring with support through our network of experts. We also help the C-suite managers derive compellingly relevant vision and missions, while training any level managers in advanced but practical coaching techniques. 

We also provide life coaching for people wanting to discover practical answers to the bigger questions in life such as “what is your life’s purpose?” While our coaching services focus on helping you ask the best questions, our mentoring services focus on providing people who can give you the right answers. 


Example Results (see more...)

MarkTwo coached the director of sales of an information technology company for 3 years and during this time he grew the business 1200% (increasing annual sales from $5m to $60m), and commented that this coaching helped him significantly in doing so. In one session alone an idea was formulated which was calculated to save the business about $1.2m year on year, yet it could be implemented within a fortnight. The savings would also increase as the company increases its head count. It was so effective that he has continued the coaching since moving to another company as Managing Director.

Your Potential

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