If you have completed your Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) report then you can get an overview here of your personality style based on neuroscientific factors. If you have not completed the questionnaire to get your report then click here to complete it and then come back to this page.

Firstly, identify the longest bar in the bar chart in Part II of your UHM report – whether the bar is Physical, Emotional, Intellectual or Spiritual. Then check Part III to see if it matches. The more consistent your results are between your own results and your references, and between Part II and Part III, then the more accurate your “UHM personality room description” is likely to be based on your neuroscientific style.

Secondly, decide whether you are more introverted (reflective) or extraverted (responsive) in your personality style. In other words are you more energised internally (introverted) or externally (extraverted) – bearing in mind that we are all both but prefer one. Being left or right handed is a good comparison. You will be both introverted and extraverted but not equally so, just as you have two hands but “prefer” using one of them, and therefore probably use that one more and become better with it (unless the environment does not allow you to do so).

Note: there are many common misunderstandings about extraversion (often spelt incorrectly as "extroversion") and introversion. A talkative person is not necessarily extraverted, and a quiet one introverted, however there is a fair probability that this will be the case.

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4 UHM personality room descriptions

Choose the room linked to the longest bar you identified above then choose  the relevant sub-description (depending on whether you are more focussed:
- internally and so are more reflective = introverted,
- externally and so are more responsive = extraverted.)

1) Physical Room descriptions (read your description...)

2) Emotional Room descriptions (read your description...)

3) Intellectual Room descriptions (read your description...)

4) Spiritual Room descriptions (read your description...)

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Getting insights into the deeper spiritual preferences of a human being is an extremely difficult task, Mark's UHM provides a mirror, that begins as a reflection tool at first, slowly & brilliantly evolving into a very practical action agenda to reach a state of enhanced self-awareness  - Jayant Kumar Racherla, L&D Specialist, Tata Projects