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Leadership affects employee satisfaction which accounts for 60%-80% of customer satisfaction, and every 10% increase in employee satisfaction delivers a 1% increase in bottom line results. But it can be hard to understand where management ends and at leadership begins.

The CEO of MarkTwo Consulting, Mark Oliver, presented a 50 minute webinar on Authentic Leadership: being the best leader you can be to organisation of 250,000 human resources members worldwide). In it he provides a practical understanding and explains why there is no point trying to find the best “personality” style for a leader, as what differentiates good and poor leadership is motivation. He then explains a holistic model on human motivation and how that predicts there are four ways to lead. He also explains the practical steps we can all take to improve our leadership.

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1) Lead better by knowing what drives other people (download free article on why you need motivated and capable employees...)

2) Create more success in your business by working in line with human motivation (get a free book extract on motivation...)

3) Find the ideas to help you change your leadership and improve your life (get THE SEVEN  MOTIVATIONS OF LIFE...)

Being the best leader you can be


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“Having been in various public leadership positions in the USA and now beginning a career in [executive] coaching, I can’t thank you enough for making the connections to motivation using this model. Invaluable information and well presented” - Glenn Harris , Pacific Executive and Education Leadership Associates, USA