Research indicates that employee disengagement levels are hovering around 75% in first world countries. This leads directly to very significant productivity losses and the reduction in profit and financial viability of organisations. Management does not increase productivity significantly but good leadership does.

Leaders have to continue to raise their game significantly to meet the ever increasing complexity of the environment they are in. One reason is that teams are more multicultural than ever before with 20% of the world's population living outside their country of birth.

To relate to others and lead more effectively we have to raise our own self-awareness. Learn how to deal with things holding your organisation back like: poor performance, bullying, mental health and personality clashes.

Authentic Leadership Immersion Program

The MarkTwo Leadership Immersion Programs are a series of overnight residential programs held in countryside retreats, away from the hustle and bustle of the office. This gives your leaders a chance to immerse themselves in challenging and thought provoking activities so that they can absorb and take away key learnings and apply it in their workplace. Organizations may choose any or all of the programs as part of their leadership development. 

Program A: Service and authentic leadership program (see results...)

This is a transformational leadership program (including autocratic, charismatic, thought and transactional leadership) combines an intensive team experience with practical tasks and leading edge theory. This is a complete program which helps to transform organizational culture to a culture of leadership and there is no need for participants to complete either programs B or C. 

Program B: Coaching leadership program  (see program in action...)

This enlightening program provides participants with the foundation to transforming their lives and those around them through advanced coaching skills, and it covers the range of coaching skills from executive to life coaching. It ends with a role-play with actors who provide participants with a learning experience they tend not to forget. Its impact speaks for itself:
“Just a short note to say thank you for... the managerial leadership training. It was a fantastic course and the last 3 days were simply brilliant... an excellent programme for Sydney Ports [Corporation] which will serve us well for a long time to come” - Lachlan Benson, Executive General Manager, Industry Relations & Logistics, Sydney Ports Corporation

Program C: Change leadership program (see feedback...)

This program is for managers who have to deal with the complexity of change and project management while still leading their staff. It includes participative and directive leadership and can come after Program A or B and provides managers with comprehensive understandings and practical skills in the four ways to lead.

Testimonial (read more...)

When I first learnt that I was to attend another management training course, taking valuable days out of my work schedule, I have to concede I was less than enthusiastic. I have attended many management training courses throughout my career, maybe too many. Most have had some value but more often than not a new course delivered largely the same ideas. I did not need a refresher on material I was already well acquainted with. Well before completing the MarkTwo training I realised this course was delivering deep insight into myself and how we all operate and interact with each other. The training material also provided pragmatic models, techniques and tools that I could use in my professional and personal life.
A year after completing the training the ideas and concepts introduced in the course continue to generate discussion amongst my colleagues in the work place. I regularly use what I have learnt to assist in understanding and shaping my own actions and interactions with people in an effort to be as effective a leader and team contributor as I can be.
This was, in fact, not a management course but rather a course in self understanding, the value of a different perspective and leadership. It was a highly valuable investment of my time. I have and will continue to recommend exposure to this material to my colleagues and co-workers as I have experienced the lasting positive impact it can have on team performance - Niklas Power, Manager, IT Strategy & Service Delivery, Sydney Ports Corporation