Citipower-Powercor Leadership Course (8 Modules)

Great course - time well spent - Julie Williams, CFO

This has been the best training I have participated in throughout my working life and am certainly trying hard at putting into practice the concepts of the course. I am also really encouraged to see others… also consciously putting these concepts into practice and getting some great results. As you said, the trick is to continuously try and put these leadership concepts into practice so that it becomes second nature… think that one of the most important things that I have gotten out of this course is that I need to become more Self-Aware in order to Self-Lead in order to Lead Others… this causes me to examine myself more in terms of motivations,...attitude etc which in turn will help me to lead myself and therefore others better… Thanks Mark for conducting the training with enormous energy, enthusiasm, belief and a conviction in what you were sharing with us. The course was never boring and kept me interested the whole time… this is amazing in itself! It has made an impact in our group… Thanks Mark - Filomena Palmer, Project Manager, Finance

I found the session to be very insightful. I want you to know that I found Powercor/CitiPower Finance leadership development course to be one of the most practical, useful and challenging that I have ever taken part in. The material was delivered by you with an extraordinary high level of passion & enthusiasm. You took the time to make sure we all ‘got it’! The course has served as a catalyst for personal change in so many ways at work and outside work. It has opened my mind to many things and what I can be. I found the flip charts to be especially useful at bringing focus to our learning back at work - Russell Fitzpatrick, Manager Finance Electricity Networks

Really useful - provided good tools and structures. The feedback from the sessions we have had with you over the last couple of days have been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone I have spoken to... found that session to be really insightful in understanding themselves better (both the good and the could be better) and felt informed about the areas they could improve upon.... Thanks again for the time you spent with each of us... This is the best training we have ever done professionally or personally - Lovelyn Parker, Manager Finance Strategic Projects

Best course I have ever done - Shane Myers, Manager Heavy Fleet, Control & Operations

We all took an enormous out of the program, as you say the challenge is to work hard, to optimise the value of the learning's. Again thanks to you ... for the excellent manner in which you ran the program; it was stimulating, challenging but above all a real learning opportunity - Rob Coulson, Manager Supply Chain Solutions, Powercor Network Services

Thanx for a great (albeit Long Days) two days, I felt it was extremely worth while and actually tied lots of the previous stuff together. Can I also say that the feedback I got from you on the role play was far more beneficial to me - Geoff Barby, Manager Risk Management, Corporate Risk

I really enjoyed the course this week even though I initially felt uncomfortable about the role plays. I always feel more positive after attending your courses - Rosemary Hawkins, Manager Management and Regulatory Accounting

A very quick note to thank-you for your investment in my future this week. Without sounding like Jack Nicholson talking to Helen Hunt at the restaurant, I believe that you not only equipped me with skills that I can effectively use at work, I believe in two days you offered me advice that will make me a better person in everyday life. I was fully engaged for 100% of the time across the two days and I thank-you (and Liz) for sharing this gift with me. I look forward to the next module. (Was brilliant...Inspirational!!) Thank-you - Gordon Shinnie, Procurement & Operations Manager, Finance

Very professional – very knowledgeable - very communicative - Ken Oaten, Supply Chain Solutions, Powercor Network Services

I just wanted to thank you for the great day you provided us yesterday. you faced in the morning was certainly energised and enthusiastic by the end of the day...Thanks again - Jeanette Danos, Manager Learning Services

I am writing to express my thanks to you for such a memorable and productive course. The quality of course was very high and there were ample opportunities to interact with you and learn from my team’s diverse context. The hospitality we received was outstanding - Rod Mays, Procurement & Supplier Performance Manager, Powercor Network Services

Lovelyn Parker really enjoyed the [advanced leadership] training. Julie Williams [the CFO] thought it was great - Lyn Mueller, Executive Assistant to CFO

Interactive training such as the role plays were fantastic - Tim Mutton, Senior Financial Accountant, Finance

I'm really glad that I was given the opportunity to join this program. This workshop has definitely helped me so much to realise certain things that I have been lacking and opened my mind for further learning and improvement. Thank you so much for your efforts... I'm hoping to see you again for the modules that I have missed. Thanks again - Niva Raman, Asset Accounting

Everything you do is great...I have really enjoyed the workshop and have personal and professionally received a lot from it - Sarah Falzon, Learning Services Support Officer, HR

Thank you again for the session, as usual it was extremely insightful and has provided me with lots of areas in which I can focus on for improvement - Kate Webster, Manager Financial Accounting & Treasury Operations

Leadership training is excellent...communicated in a friendly, personal manner - Joel Alexander, Accountant, Finance

Thank you for your excellent training courses. I certainly learned a lot from it. Now the onus is on me to actually review it and use it - Julie Kernich, Chartered Accountant, Finance

National Foods Leadership Development Course (3-4 days per year)

Mark Oliver has been an inspiration to my team in helping them gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they impact the teams they lead. One of the outcomes has been the 250% increase in employee engagement over the [3 years] Mark has worked with us - David Bough, CIO, National Foods 
[Using research from Heskett, Sasser and Schlesinger this increase in engagement added about $400,000 to the bottom line profit of National Foods annually - from an investment of only 3-4 days leadership training per year with MarkTwo]

Great course and well targetted at the individual and practical. Lots of information for people to absorb - David Bough, CIO

...was excellent learning - Raymond John, Manager

Again great day. Kept us all very attentive and interested. More of the same. Really getting a lot out of these sessions - Mark Medwell, Manager

Sydney Ports Managerial Leadership and Advanced Coaching Series (7 days)

There are many characteristics which differentiate high performing organisations from the mainstream and even more consultants, tools and ideas to help a CEO create one. Having been exposed to culture changing models and philosophies during my years in mining with CRA [now the global mining company - Rio Tinto], I was looking for something similar to help stimulate a profound change in the way our staff engage, interact and perform. When Mark came along and agreed to craft a Leadership Training programme to suit Sydney Ports' needs, I naively expected something similar to my own experiences. I was therefore delighted to find that Mark has developed his own and far more comprehensive and usable models to help people understand themselves and how to be a better person and a better leader. The UHM has been life changing for many of our staff and a great investment for the company. It has been life changing for me. I now appreciate the power of engaging the heart as well as the head. This understanding alone is like a keystone for many other ideas and models I live and work by. Be prepared to open your mind and understand yourself and others for the first time - Grant Gilfillan, CEO & Director, Sydney Ports Corporation

Quantitative Results

122 of the most senior managers and staff from Sydney Ports Corporation completed an "immersion" leadership development program with MarkTwo Consulting, including executive and senior managers, and high potential staff. Overall,  of the course participants:
- 98% reported that they would recommend this training to others (2% were not sure),
- 99% rated the program very good,
- 99% indicated that they believed they would be better leaders now that they had completed the MarkTwo leadership immersion program. 

Qualitative Results

I did want to thank you for a fantastic course. I found it very interesting, it was well structured and I really enjoyed the mix of theory and practical work. I believe I have taken away a lot of positive things from the course and have been able to identify in my private life (as well as work) ways to put the lessons into practice... I would love to extend the course into another phase - Marika Calfas, General Manager Planning

Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I must say that I found module A a very powerful experience and thoroughly enjoyable... In any case I thank you in particular so much for the fantastic time and... that you continue to provide this wonderful opportunity to others everywhere because you do have a gift that needs to be heard... The feedback I am getting from our lads is that a thoroughly rewarding experience has been had by all. Even the doubting Thomas’s have been impressed so well done you...Keep up the great work - Brett Heath, Marine Manager

I have been fortunate enough to have attended a number of courses aimed at providing insight and guidance into leadership, but none has provided a lasting impression in the way which Mark was able to offer. The depth of understanding and the ability to convey that understanding so that it makes sense to a broad range of participants left me ready, willing and able to make positive changes to my work and my personal life. Armed with models which rationalise what makes you tick and how that is perceived by others with a potentially different set of motivations it is almost certain that individuals will want to put their learning into practice and reap the benefits not only as individuals but also as team members and leaders. Enjoy the other courses while they last, once you have been educated by MarkTwo Consulting you will wonder how you managed before and you will know how to lead in the future - Philip Holliday, Executive General Manager Operations & Harbour Master

When I first learnt that I was to attend another management training course, taking valuable days out of my work schedule, I have to concede I was less than enthusiastic. I have attended many management training courses throughout my career, maybe too many. Most have had some value but more often than not a new course delivered largely the same ideas. I did not need a refresher on material I was already well acquainted with. Well before completing the MarkTwo training I realised this course was delivering deep insight into myself and how we all operate and interact with each other. The training material also provided pragmatic models, techniques and tools that I could use in my professional and personal life.
A year after completing the training the ideas and concepts introduced in the course continue to generate discussion amongst my colleagues in the work place. I regularly use what I have learnt to assist in understanding and shaping my own actions and interactions with people in an effort to be as effective a leader and team contributor as I can be.
This was, in fact, not a management course but rather a course in self understanding, the value of a different perspective and leadership. It was a highly valuable investment of my time. I have and will continue to recommend exposure to this material to my colleagues and co-workers as I have experienced the lasting positive impact it can have on team performance - Niklas Power, Manager, IT Strategy & Service Delivery, Sydney Ports Corporation

[Module A] Many thanks for a very comprehensive and revealing course. I learned heaps and the knowledge will help me in all aspects of my life... [Module B] Thanks for a wonderful course... and it’s really helped my deal with difficult situations at work - Steven Ackling, General Manager, IT

Thanks a lot for a wonderful and intellectually stimulating few days during both the modules. It was a pleasure and it really helped with the learning environment the way you and your team had structured the course. The course content and the structure was very different from my past experiences and really went to the core of leadership principles. It has got me thinking on a few aspects drawing me out of my comfort zone, which would not have happened without your help. Lastly a big thank you to Jenni for all the support and guidance during the course and absolutely amazing logistics and administration arrangements - Kirat Khara, Senior Analyst, Corporate Planning

Many thanks for your dedication to this course and Sydney Ports... for a most absorbing and interesting (although intense!) training course in Leadership. I found it very engaging and challenging, and thanks to you for the camaraderie and assistance. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you on this course, and I hope to profit from it in the future. You always made it welcoming and challenging - Morgan Noon, Rail Manager, PBLIS

I would like to thank you ... for providing an effective means of learning, without any confusing consultant static (i.e. ‘mumbo jumbo’). The course is empowering (by providing the tools and guidance needed to continue learning) and enlightening (through self discovery that selfless leadership styles are more effective and enjoyable in achieving results for myself and my team) - Stephen Zaczkiewicz, Senior Development Manager

Fabulous course and will certainly be very beneficial. High light of my year – greater self awareness, some excellent tools and just as important have built some genuine relationships with my peers. It has also given me a renewed vigour going forward. Well done - Ian Chilton, Manager, Applications Support

I enjoyed the course and learnt many new things - you have blown me off the planet. It was my pleasure to be on the course. It has helped me put into perspective how to get the best out of myself and just as important, understanding and working with my colleagues. I didn’t say it was easy but I have some new tools which I can call on - Matthew Flugge, Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs

[Course] just right! Well done - delivered with style and passion - Richard Venn, Senior Manager Planning, Human Resources

I’d also like to thank you ... I found the course to be extremely challenging, and at the same time stimulating and highly beneficial. I now have much greater self awareness which I hope I can use to improve my leadership capabilities. You guys have so much passion and vitality, helping to make the course really enjoyable - Gary Batman, Manager Survey Services

The enthusiasm and energy displayed were infectious...levels of enthusiasm and commitment are commendable - great job from you all - Liaan Laubscher, Management Accountant Capital Projects

Many thanks for a most informative and enlightening course, and for your energy and passion in delivering it. For me, the course was... a call to action, because even though there were things I knew, I wasn’t necessarily acting upon them - Tony Vipond, Manager, Planning & Reporting

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you - Rama Ramakrishnan, Communications Superintendent

Thanks to you ... for an inspiring week and are now self-aware of the importance to lead yourself to lead others [an] intensive and personally challenging week - Graeme Holdaway, CAD & Survey

I just wanted to reiterate how helpful yesterday was (you must get this all the time!)... Once again, thank you, it was great to meet you! All the best Mark - Sophie Barrett, Administration Assistant, Corporate Affairs

This comes to let you know how much I appreciated your... helpfulness during my time attending your wonderful and 'life changing' coaching workshop - Sam Pansare, Manager Marine Operations

I really enjoyed the course and have learned a great deal since we started Module A. I’m sure this learning curve will continue for some time but I know I’m better equipped to handle new challenges as they appear. It was also a pleasure to work with both of you - Mike Sullivan, Operations Superintendent

Also thanks for an awesome course ... Overall a great experience. Look forward to more - Michael Cumming, Customer Liaison Co-ordinator

Thanks for the course and all the inspiration. I feel like I got a lot of out it ... I look forward to talking more in the future - Trish Taylor, Manager, Project Management Office

Thanks again to you ... for the great training modules - Ryan Bennett, Senior Environmental Planner

Very, very good course - exceeded my expectations significantly - Joshua Hasloch, Senior Project Analyst

Exercises are right on the mark and challenge your assumption and beliefs - Garry Voutos, GM IT

It was a pleasure to meet you ... This course demanded so much from you both that I’m sure you had to “dig deep” on occasion. However, the love of your work constantly shined through. I agree, there is much in the course to explore... I intend to use what I have learned Mark - Kim Walmsley, Executive Assistant, Legal

Thank you for passing on your knowledge to me and Sydney Ports staff this year. I really enjoyed the course and it was also great to get to know you both - Daniela Vujic, Senior Environmental Planner

Excellent course - Gaye Dewicke, Property Administration Manager, Planning & Infrastructure

Excellent and rewarding [course] - Wayne Moore, Marine Supervisor, Marine Services

Excellent course providing valuable insights which are practical - Tarun Treasure, Business Analyst, Information Technology

Mark, well done-it was fantastic...I have not stopped thinking and talking about the course since my return. My head was spinning but I have taken a great deal from it, and I know there is still more to process and more importantly practice. Above all I learnt more about myself and am setting some personal goals from these learning’s - Alison Nolan, General Manager, Human Resources

To participate in MLT is a gift which keeps on giving. An ability to become more self-aware and truly understand how we are and who we are is an amazing opportunity which does not stop when the course is over - Virginia Mullins, Senior Manager, Technical & Shared Services

Loved the group activities! Fun way to learn about different team members and the content - Megan Grahame, Performance Officer, Finance

I’ve definitely been reflecting on what I learnt from the course and slowly trying to apply it to everyday tasks and relationships - Ross Langbein, Manager, Asset/Tax

Have been meaning to write back to you post [leadership training], I found the four days to be personally very rewarding and motivating in the early steps of my quest to make myself a better leader/person... Great course...the experiences, learnings and skills obtained from both MODA and MODB will set me up for further personal and professional development - Stuart Hull, Senior Project Manager, Planning & Infrastructure

Sydney Ports High Performing Teams Course for Staff (1 day)

Excellent work ... thanks - Philip Holliday, EGM Marine Services (Sydney Ports Harbour master)

Inspiring - Raphael Miller, Senior Commercial Analyst

It was really good!! - Caroline Azouni

I did really enjoy it. I would look forward to another session - Lucas Collins

The course was enjoyable and the presenter energetic and believable - John Hajduk

Great methodology connecting the organisation to what managers are learning - Alison Nolan, HR Manager

This course...will make me a better leader - Karlie Taylor

Great examples, videos, [and] information - Mark Bell

I found the course very interesting and learnt about myself and others' way and reasons for thinking - Charlie Langham

The course should continue to do everything [it is doing] - Glenn Burns

[The course is] giving insights through quotations and illustrating use with models - Peter Willink

The course format... is great - K Hitchin

The course should continue to do everything [it is doing] - Terry Burns

The course should continue being helpful - Rory Pulman

The course should continue to do all things [it is doing]. I was very happy with the course - Brendan Wiseman

Port Authority of NSW Managerial Leadership Training (4 days)

Quantitive Results

48 senior managers from the Port Authority of NSW completed an "immersion" leadership development program followed by an advanced coaching course with MarkTwo Consulting. Overall, out of the participants:
- 100% reported that they would recommend this training to others (98% would very highly recommend it),
100% rated the program very good,
- Over 98% indicated that they believed they would definitely be better team leaders now that they had completed the MarkTwo leadership immersion program.

Qualitative Results

We are incredibly lucky at the Port to have such great leadership training and support...I got so much out of the course even though I had a headcold! As time goes on I feel confident that more and more of the models can be applied. The best part is that we can discuss things amongst management at the Port as we have all done the course. Additionally it has meant that those colleagues who attended with me on the latest course have really formed closer friendships and a working relationship whereby we know each others strengths and weaknesses...Thanks again for making such a challenging experience so rewarding - Venessa O'Connell, Survey Manager

There was not a time over all of the 4 days that I was not engaged and interested. Lots learned, both individual and as a team of work colleagues - Robert Kinny, Manager, Communications

Thanks Mark, I found the program very engaging and useful. I am using the rooms model daily in my work and home life.I am now trying to challenge myself to incorporate the 7 levels more into my daily thinking. I very much enjoyed working with you and our discussions along the way. Thank you for such great engagement - Mike Baudinette, General Manager, Property & Commercial

The exercises and role-plays helped greatly to make the learning relevant and tangible - Peter Dwyer, Harbour Master

[This 4 day program should] become compulsory - Christa Sams, Environment Operations Manager

Fantastic value. Many thanks for everything and facilitating such a steep learning curve. By far the most valuable and best leadership training I have attended. Thank you very much - Sharad Bhasin, Compliance & Planning Manager

Really very valuable information to assist across all aspects of life - Catherine Blaine, Senior Program Manager

Thought the course was brilliant on many levels - Kelly Mico, Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs

[Program] changes lives for the better - Brendan Wiseman, Assistant Manager, Marine Operations

I would like to thank you and your team for your time and the training, and am grateful that I was able to participate in the course. I found the course very useful and really enjoyed it. I have reviewed the role play video and find it rather insightful...Thanks and regards - Maggie Leung, Finance Manager

The exercises were extremely valuable - Angela Razborsek, Legal Counsel

Fantastic course with so much to reflect on - I can't wait to start using the skills everyday! Continue with the exercises - great mix to apply skills learnt - Venessa O'Connell, Survey Manager

Very good course, should continue in the same vein- Bruce Cooper, Senior Manager Port Services

Exceeded my expectation and will be a valuable life tool - David Page, Work Health and Safety Manager

Thank you for this and thank you again for the whole MLT experience. I have found it fantastic and really treasured the opportunity to concentrate more on my personal development - Sarah Marshall, Senior Manager, Human Resources

[Course] was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it  - David Callaghan, General Manager Corporate Services

The models are new to me and I find them very beneficial for interaction/ leadership at work/home... fantastic experience - Col Rae, Safety & Compliance Manager

Thanks again for the course last week, it was a very different to the first but I got so much out of it and hope to put some leanings into action - Christa Sams, Environment Operations Manager, CT & L

I really enjoyed the course and learnt things I did not know...continue with the enthusiasm/passion - Paul Webster, Harbour Master

Thank you for all your support and amazing encouragement - Selina Jenkins, Office Manager Newcastle

Thank you - excellent level of genuine interest and engagement with all people on the course - Jeremy Gibson, Asset Manager, Marine

Thank you Mark. I really enjoyed last week - Jeanine Drummond, General Manager, Operations & Deputy Harbour Master

I really enjoyed the course and really enjoyed mod B, more than I thought I would - Robert Rybanic, Senior Manager, Cruise and Terminal Operations

I found the course tough but very rewarding. Thank you for this valuable experience... Continue to teach in ways that suit different learning styles - Ni Gao, Employee Relations Specialist

Nab Technology Leadership Training Program (2 days)

I do know people got a hell of a lot out of it - John Mulqueeney, Head of ADM

Several team members have come up to me and have said "that's by far the best development day we have ever had"... I have noticed a huge [positive] change in person X's behaviour [since the course] - Trevor Wilmore, Manager Delivery Support Services

Very engaging and entertaining. It’s great. It’s great - Kirsten Kiefer, Technical Lead

I really enjoyed the course and learnt. Normally I find these kinds of courses a bit of a burden but not this one. Thanks - Vicki Connor, Technical Lead

Excellent [2 day] course. Would have liked it to go longer - Tom Melican, Technician

You are an inspiration - Ange Petruccelli, Technical Manager

The course is excellent and hearing it a second time really helps consolidate learnings - Karen English, Manager

The day went very well… a couple of comments last night from people saying it was probably the best one day of leadership training they had ever had - Adam Smith, Senior Manager, Internet & Intranet Systems, Application Development & Testing, Group Business Services, Technology

Found the course excellent - Rhett Orr, Manager, Group Business Services, Technology

This is an excellent course, presented incredibly well [Mark engages participants and makes learning fun and challenging] - Lou Blanche, Manager, Internet and Intranet Systems, Technology

[Everything was] valuable - Tony Curak, Manager, Group Business Services, Technology

Great course. I learnt a lot and it was a great refresher on leadership principles. I feel empowered and knowledgeable to go back and practice on my team - Dayle Stevens, Manager, Group Business Services, Technology

ANZ Wealth Executive High Performing Team Program (1 Day on-site)

Many thanks...again for your work on the [leadership] day.  It was an excellent use of our time judging by the feedback I've received from various team members! - Graeme Hosking, Chief Operating Officer

Thank you for your time yesterday. It was a really great day – the feedback coming through this morning is really positive... Already today, I have heard someone preparing for a “level 6 conversation”! - Nicole Chung, HR Business Partner, Wealth Operations & Wealth Technology Technology Services & Operations

Energy and knowledge of the presenter was excellent. Really enjoyed the insights and experiences. We could all benefit from more time with him - Karen Jones, Senior Manager Operations

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again - Kim Pearson, Head of E*TRADE Operations & Senior Manager Oasis Operations, Global Wealth Operations

Thanks again for the very insightful session last week, I appreciate it - Marielle Lacambra (Manila based) – Head of Wealth Operations

Many thanks Mark, very interesting session and certainly good to invoke reflection and setting new goals - Andrew Wilson, Head of Banking Operations,

Betfair Transformational Leadership Program (2 Days on-site)

Thanks again for the last two days, I think the word I used was superb as I was leaving and I meant it. As I was ticking lots of "fives" on the feedback form I was concerned that it would be discredited for being too simplistic a review! 

• The underlying content (as in the ideas / concepts / models) covered is excellent, credible and impactful,
• The four room grid physically on the floor was very useful (visual, active) - and being revisited and built on was great,
• The teaching style (intensive with plenty of recaps) felt spot on, with good pace throughout - Tim Moore-Barton, CEO, Betfair

Crown Melbourne Transformational Leadership Program (4 Modules)

[Crown] should continue [this course] as it was one of the best training courses I've done at Crown - Jenny Tracy, Human Resources Manager

Fantastic...was terrific. Pretty sure everyone enjoyed it and got benefit - David Croft, Business Improvement Manager

Excellent facilitator - Linh Kohl, Innovation Coordinator (and in-house facilitator)

Crown Melbourne Group Training - Gaming (1 Day)

All wonderful and met our needs. Activities were relevant and will be useful to reflect back with the team. Thank you for the models - Kathryn Armstrong, Supervisor

A terrific and insightful day. Thanks very much - Matt Sullivan, L&D Specialist

All excellent and delivers in a very motivated and engaged manner - L&D Specialist

The course was informative and enjoyable - Kathleen Hansome-Beecham, L&D Specialist

Continue everything - Kristen Charles, L&D Specialist

Mark is a fantastic facilitator because he engages you and gets you involved - Sera Hastie, L&D Specialist

CSL Behring Engineering Department Communication Training (19 Managers-1 day)

Thanks for the great day. I have had great verbal feedback from quite a few of the participants over the last couple of days - Greg Taylor, Senior Director

Thanks. It was a good session and I learnt a lot of new things...this has helped continue [my development] process - Phil Eliades, Production Engineering Lead (BMF)

Very professional presentations. An excellent course. I valued providing plenty of information during the course so that I can engage with the materials after the training day itself - Richard Hayne, Senior Projects Manager

High energy, great interaction and good team building tool - Rajesh Shiv, Senior Projects Manager

Good course and heaps of material covered - David Sagar, Production Engineering Lead

Good for lower levels of the company... it is well structured - Peter Perrine, Lead Draftsperson

Very well delivered - Victor Karafilis, Senior Projects Manager

Good quality presentations - Zoran Hadzi-Nikolov, Operational Support Manager 

Average manager feedback rating across all aspects was 92%

CSL Biotherapies Engineering Department Communication Training (1 day)

[The program] was extremely useful and presented familiar concepts in a new way. Facilitation was highly energetic and engaging and this was the point of difference of this training versus others that I have done in the past. In-depth examination of the model behaviours was superior to those in the past. Practical exercises were fantastic - Georgia Johnson, Project Manager

Great energy and pace - Brian Price, Director of Engineering

For me the course was exceptionally eye opening and has given me clarity and direction in many aspects of life - Chris Brewer, Project Engineer

Excellent course and presenter - Lou Saccardo, Site Assistant 

Good communication [program] - Peter Foreman, Instrument Technician

Continue [course] as is. Very helpful and interesting - Kylie Eischeid, ESD Admin Support Officer

Positive environment, probing questions prompting thought - Daniel Abela, Project Engineer

Friendly knowledgeable teacher - Wayne Torbett, ESD Stores Officer

[High facilitator} energy maintained energy and participation - Cornell D'Couto, Automation Systems Manager

Nothing [should be changed], all good - Noel White, Plant Attendant

Telstra IS Infrastructure Services (2 days)

[This course] is much better than other Telstra leadership courses-it actually teaches the tools to leadership - Jon Curry, General Manager

This was a high value leadership course and extremely useful for leaders and those wanting to be leaders - Mark Molloy, General Manager

[This] course was one of the best courses I have participated in - Rik Harris, General Manager

Great course. Would like to see it available for teams - Cathy Siddle, General Manager

Very valuable [leadership course] - Jackie Lynch, General Manager

I found [the course] brilliant. Thank you so very much for a fantastic learning experience. I have attended many PD events and a few leadership courses of the years and I would have to say this workshop will be one of my PD highlights - Yvette Blanchard, Programme Manager

Actors-brilliant - Nicole Doherty, Delivery Centre Manager

Mark was great [and] using the actors this was great - Davin Chao, Delivery Centre Manager

Thank you for conducting the course. I found it a very enjoyable and enriching learning experience - Raymond Cheung, Delivery Centre Manager

[What was good on the course was] the dynamic format, the professionalism and expertise of the facilitator - Lynne Farrell, Program Manager

[What is good about this course] Everything - Jenny Adrian, Program Manager

Loved the course ... and very keen to extend on ... learnings - Idan Shtir, Service Delivery Manager

The average rating out of 5 for: I would recommend this course to others = 4.9 out of 5

AMOG Engineering (Coaching Modules)

I wanted to share a personal anecdote I have in the area of coaching from the last month. My son's basketball team was bottom of the ladder losing every match by a considerable amount. They had played about 5 times and the existing coach went on holidays for a week and asked me to take over.
The team was due to play the top team and we had an undermanned group (the basketball season started early this year to make up for lost Covid time so it clashed with holidays when some were away).
So I took over coaching and decided that I wasn't going to issue any instructions at all, I was just going to ask questions of them. I used the principle of 'coaching' as has been reinforced to us in the leadership training. This worked well, they are of an age ~15yrs old where most of them know more about basketball than me. They quickly responded and said things like, I don't think we're playing the right formation, we need to play 5 out in offense, and in defence switch between man-on-man and zone. Each break I had more questions, and they gave more answers. We ended up losing the game against the top team by 2 points in the dying seconds - a completely different team performance! People think I'm a god at coaching now, and I'm about to have a conversation with the existing coach and break his illusions about my god-like powers! A good reinforcement in coaching practices! - Hayden Marcollo, Director, AMOG Consulting

Participant engagement at every step of the training was the best - Bhrugu Shukla, IT Manager

The whole day was well planned and covered a broad range of useful topics. I found it enjoyable and insightful. I think in general AMOG staff are getting something very useful out of it - Dan Johnstone, 2IC Systems and Safety Group

McCormick Foods Australia Leadership Program (2 days)

Great Course. Content is great – challenging and enlightening. Delivered by someone who loves what he does and makes a real impact. I need more of this. Thank you very much Mark - Chris Hession, Manager

Excellent course. Great to be able to actually apply the theory learned. What should the course continue doing? More of the same! - Mark Benamatic, Manager

Excellent course. Something I can really take out and use in my day to day life - Henry Palau, Manager

Excellent course - Marianne Misso, Manager

Thanks for a great 2 days of developmental coaching. We all learnt a great deal not only about our selves but also our environment - Domenic Carosella, Manager

Thanks for the session, I really enjoyed it and found it to be worthwhile and relevant to many situations I have faced and will in the future - Tammy Dandie

MMG Leadership Immersion Program (4 days)

Thanks Mark I really enjoyed the week, learned heaps... and seriously learned something new - Arthur Bacolas, Group Manager, IT Delivery

[When asked which two sessions he would drop out from the 3.5 day Immersion Course, Grant replied:] I don't actually have two sessions I'd drop... My favourite sessions were: The UHM work overall, particularly the part when we assembled near the tea and coffee where you'd marked-out the rooms on the floor and discussed the attributes of each room. [And] I was drawn to the physical exercises - all of them really - Grant Cameron, Group Manager, IT Development

And yes it [the UHM Feedback] was very much worthwhile - Ingo Pohl, Group Manager, IT Delivery

Tamex/ RBT Leadership Immersion Program (4 days)

[What to continue] Everything. Thanks Mark...!" - Peter Hoffman, Director, Tamex/RBT Group [Also rated the course 5 out of 5 for everything]

What to continue] Everything. I believe all levels of our management gained insight into themselves and now are better prepared to better manage and improve our business. It is our (all of us) responsibility to ensure we put it into practice. Yes, would do next level - Peter Brazell, Director, Tamex/RBT Group [Also rated the course 5 out of 5 for everything]

Thanks Mark. You ... delivered a fantastic program and there have been clear and immediate benefits coming out of the program already, so thanks to both of you for the fabulous job!... thanks again for the fantastic outcome you guys delivered... Love to do more!! - Jo Byrnes, Chief Strategy Officer & Group HR

Just a quick note to thank you for the training you have provided for us in the Hunter this week. After a couple of days to reflect on what we have learnt, I would rank the Leadership Training program in the top 3 courses I have done. I found the course to be challenging, enlightening as well as rewarding providing a greater understanding of myself and my fellow co workers... I am sure that our new found skills will help us to make better decisions and be better leaders. Once again, thank you - Peter Ryan, Dealer Principal, Managed Print Services

Deliver inspiration to others. Fantastic. Thank you - Dave McDonagh, Regional Manager

Readymix Leadership Development Training (1 day)

Mark‘s knowledge, insight and passion for the subject was inspirational. The care for one’s feelings was most evident throughout the course. The actors and video sessions added value to the course - David Jones, Manager

It was my first time on a leadership course and Mark’s professionalism in the way he communicated Leadership concepts was fantastic. I learnt a lot from it - Neil Johnson, Manager

Simply Energy Leadership and High Performing Team Training (1 day)

Great Examples providing real life examples… Great course - Naomi Bremner, Marketing Manager

Brilliant - Elson Abat, Support Services Manager

A great course. It will definitely help me - Akanksha Arora

Great content. Excellent facilitator - Chris Cooper

Thank you Mark for all the inspiration - Pallaui Guha

Great presentation - Abhishek Gupta

I would love it to go [longer] - Kim Lamb

Excellent - Jake Ling

KW Doggett Change Leadership Program (1 day)

[Keep] challenging participants - Simon Doggett, Managing Director

Thank you for your time yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and can honestly say that I will take many things from it to help in my professional career as well as my everyday life - Michael Tsagaris, National Procurement Manager

I have had great feedback about yesterday [course]. Well done - Tracey Beckham, National Human Resources Manager

[Course] all great all great. Group exercises created an environment where all questions were welcome - Nina Patz, Account Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it was great just the way it was presented - Breanna Van der burg, Customer Service Supervisor

Good involvement of participants - Martin Hosking, General Manager

[Great] Interaction with the group - James McGrath, General Manager

Keep challenging our minds - John Alipan, Business Development Manager

[Continue doing] Pretty much everything - Joel Salmon Account Manager

Teacher Leadership Program (2 Days off-site)

I think the course went really well and had a nice balance of theory and practical tools to take away and use right from day 1 - Steven Capp, Principal, Bentleigh West Primary School

Just want to say thank you for a great two days. It gave some great clarity and insight into how to be more reflective of ourselves while also beginning to understand others actions and reactions... I’m sure we will continue on with your work. Thanks again - Jane Briffa, Assistant Principal, Bentleigh West Primary School

It was a great two days and I learnt a lot - Diana Santaera, Prep Team Leader/Classroom Teacher, Bentleigh West Primary School

Thank you very much for the fantastic 2 days earlier this week. Mark is sensational, as is the program! I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited greatly from the experience and the learning - Eva Kesidis, Assistant Principal, Westall Secondary College

All fantastic. Could have done another day - Susan Coates, Director of People and Culture , Korowa Anglican Girls' School

Fabulous course. Fully professional and absolutely worthwhile - Lisa Male, Teacher, Skye Primary School

CGU Technology Leadership Course (2 days)

Excellent. I rated all [feedback items] a 5 [out of 5] - Gerard Kearney, Manager

Fantastic course with great insights to become a better leader - Greg Nichols, Manager

McCain Foods Marketing Leadership Course (1 day)

Great pace, brilliant exercises - Nicki Anderson, Marketing Director ANZ

Excellent use of models and metaphors - Marc Brekau, Group Product Manager

Bunzl Leadership Workshop (1-1.5 days)

Sensational Lance Ward, Managing Director

Thank you for your time and delivering a fantastic workshop - Eachan Fraser, National Operations Manager

Thank you Mark. It was a fantastic couple of days and I certainly got a lot out of it! - Kristy Jones, NSW Sales Manager

Overall very enjoyable and very useful. Specific to our business and individual needs - Nicola Vanni , WA Regional Manager Healthcare

Thank you for the energetic and passionate delivery and worthwhile valuable content - Hellen Wyatt, Qld Regional Manager Bunzl Healthcare

Really enjoyed the psychology behind the actions. So not just you should be doing this! But consider this - Brendan Ahern, Procurement Director

Excellent feedback and challenging thought processes - Jayne Barnes, SA Branch Manager

Loved the course - Glenn Harris, Branch Manager WA

Thanks again for a great 1 day workshop the other week. I absolute loved it. The posters were great and as I am a visual person I would love to order some - Fiona Neumann, Human Resources Manager, Bunzl Safety

Westpac Brokers Influencing and Leadership Program (2 days)

I strongly recommend this leadership training to others - 2 days minimum - Jason Milne, Business Development Manager

Great course that will assist me greatly in my role - Peter Bousen, Manager

Excellent, fantastic, thank you - Neville Anitelea, Manager

[The course is] OK! - Scott Holmes, Manager

City of Monash Leadership Development Course (1 day)

Really enjoyed it, thank you [rated all feedback items 5 out of 5] - Jarrod Doake, Manager Corporate Administration

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I will reinforce the “buddy” system and other learnings from this. The feedback has been really positive. Every member of BT left the workshop inspired, refreshed and invigorated - Paul Grobler, Manager, Business Technology

Course and content was very informative. All very relevant - Sandra Bruce, Coordinator Operations

Thanks Mark, as always another great session- Sharon Tzimokas, Insurance/ Risk Management Officer

Origin Leadership Pathway Program (3 days)

It has been inspiring and a real pleasure working with you... I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.Look forward to continuing and learning more - Courtney Wilson, Finance Manager

Exceptionally good, interesting course, one of the best I've been involved with - Rebecca Clarke, Finance Manager

Just a short note to thank you ... for such an eye opening inspiring seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed your approach as I’m sure all the others present did. Thank you once again - Helen Alexandrou, Finance Officer

CSL Behring Leadership Program (3 days)

It was a great course, and I have learnt a lot of techniques for better coaching, and also a lot about myself. Thank you very much Mark for the report and the inspiring course - Jill Mahon, Manager

A great course that has provided me with a starting point to modify my behaviour and improve coaching and communication ability - Gail Dawson, Manager

Excellent thorough and thought challenging course. Well structured balanced and interesting - Paul Martin, Manager

I want to thank you for the way you have been running the coaching courses. I keep getting employees coming up to me and thanking me for giving them the opportunity to do them [from Jack Barresi, Employment Development Manager]

NMRA Motoring & Services High Performing Teams Workshop (1 day)

Mark did a great job. Will potentially be using him for some follow-up - San Retna, Program Manager, Group Operating Environment Program

Mark Oliver was great, I personally enjoyed his commentary on health and wellness tho not directly on topic! I think everyone enjoyed the day and have an appreciation of our different types - Kara Anderson, Group Operating Environment Program Execution Manager

Yum High Performing Team Workshop (1 day)

I would just like to thank you for a most inspiring day and a half last week in the Hunter. I gained so much out of your course and look forward to putting it into practice. A huge thank you - Lindsay Beukes, Technical Manager, Food Innovation & Technology (F.I.T.)

Thank you again for an enlightening session last Thursday. I have shared these views with Fritz [the manager] - Alessandra Macri, Quality Compliance Analyst, Food Innovation & Technology (F.I.T.)

Westall Secondary College (Leadership Development Program)

Thanks again for your sessions - I really enjoyed them and found them incredibly insightful. I studied philosophy at University and continue to learn about, practice, and use it in my everyday life, so your ‘philosophical’ approach to some of the topics really resonated with me - Jessika Cichy, Teacher

Beautiful all around - Geraldine Borgonha. Administrator

Keep the energy - Sam Dewhurst, Senior Teacher

Change Management Seminar for 45 of Mawson's Top Management (3 hours)

Overall the rating was 4.3 out of 5, or 86%

Written comments were: 

  • Insightful, Group dynamics fantastic, more please
  • I found the session very thought provoking and provided useful strategies for the future 
  • Excellent content. More please 
  • Would like to have been longer-more indepth 
  • Will definitely help with managing & facilitating change in the future & the way I go about it 
  • It was very beneficial to see the concept of listening and the power it can have to motivate people

The MarkTwo Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

Thanks for your time and what I would call the best training course that I have done.
I enjoyed learning and this is no doubt from your passion for teaching and how it was delivered. You are kind, caring and passionate about what you do and this makes everyone feel comfortable and hopefully willing to learn...I will take these learnings with me wherever I go and refer to them at different stages of work and most importantly life. Thankyou for your contribution to my life!! - Matthew Waites, Operations Manager, Programmed

[Program] Is really fantastic… Roger's energy is contagious… really enjoy the course and working with Roger - Janelle Smith, Company organiser and participant, Coventry Group

Sherryn has been a great trainer and course facilitator. Keeping a broad group of individuals engaged is never an easy task and doing it online can be even harder, but Sherryn brought energy and insight to each training day. Many thanks to Sherryn for her coaching to help guide us through this course - Amelia Wilson
Manager, Marketing & Communications, Coventry Group

Sherryn, I would love to be able to give you feedback... completing the modules for the Certificate IV Leadership and Management. Whilst balancing my commitments at work and undertaking the coursework, you have been extremely supportive and patient.
Although I have been in my industry for over 30 years now, I honestly feel that the course you have led has helped my start to bring all the experience I have onto the next level.
I will be taking away with me a whole new level of understanding and tools to be a better manager and leader of the team I work with. I believe that others within our leadership group that have also attended the course have become more effective in our communications and ability to “Manage”. We regularly refer back to sections of the course in our group meetings and we all know value and meaning of lessons learnt...
Thank you and all the very best for the future - Danny Pither,Senior Project Manager, Programmed

The challenges I face daily in my new role will be easily solved using the tools we learnt over last months. I want to thank you Sherryn for your patience! You are very good at your job - Anton Hobert, Supervising Foreperson, Programmed

[Keep] providing excellent [MarkTwo] course instructors - Dip Lodh, Applications Delivery Manager, Coventry Group

Thanks again for your time over these last 6 months, it’s been great to learn from you and I look forward to putting some of these things I’ve learnt into practice - Sebastian Goldrick, Business Development Manager, Programmed

 As I am not currently nor have ever been in a Management role I found it daunting... Moving through the course I have felt that the way you have presented the course has really helped me gain an understanding of the concept and that you don’t have to be in a management position to be a leader and utilise these learnings.
 I felt so engaged and I was extremely happy to assist others when they were having difficulties with their assessments.
Thank you again Sherryn, I can really notice an improvement in who I am in the work place and look forward to utilising these skills in the future - Maddy Pitcher
Reporting and Compliance Officer, Programmed

I would like to thank you for your time and patience in helping me complete this course. Yes we have all gone through hard times over the duration of the course, but we made it. The last 2 modules especially, have really helped me in the recent direction change for my career within Programmed. What I learnt through this course is being put to good use with the team being put in place - Sean Donnelly, Senior Site Supervisor, Programmed

A great job!! - Muhammed Sidawi, Credit Control Officer, Coventry Group

Hi Sherryn, thank you for the kind words, as well as you continued commitment, energy. The course has been a great experience, thank you to you and the team - Nathan Krause, FM Coordinator (Southern Region), West Region Delivery Team, Programmed

Thanks for the course so far, it has been really good - Scott Lloyd, Project Manager, Programmed

The course should continue doing=everything:) - Shristi Achary, Facility Management, Programmed

Hi Sherryn, I just want to take this opportunities to say thank you for being our trainer. It has been a great journy to walk along with you for the whole course. As you know, English is not my first language but you are so patient to direct me to go through the whole course. With the course itself, this course really helps me to improve my leadership and management skills. This course is definitely worth doing - Ellie Royal, Senior Accountant, Programmed

What I have got out of the course most is the way different people learn and process through the 4 different rooms and what is most important with individuals... I think there is value add to the business when people are put into the course at the right time, maybe when they are showing promise as a leader and just need that extra bit of development in order to hone their skills when working with people. For Programmed that can only mean better functioning teams which will produce better results. I enjoyed the course and thank you for your time Sherryn - Fiona Finlay, Service Delivery Support-Team Leader, Programmed

CSIRO Minerals Dealing with Change Seminar (1/2 day)

Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and insight. Your session was very well positioned and presented" - Markus Fietz, Deputy Chief CPSE

There were no evaluations on your session below 4 from which we must assume they really enjoyed your session [on a 1-5 scale and the majority of ratings were 5 out of 5]. Participant comments included; "Thought provoking, well presented, invite him back" - Kate Roberton, Senior Human Resources Advisor

Participant individual comments describing their reactions and learnings

  • I have more control than I normally exercise and I should take better advantage of this.
  • I can do things better.
  • Listen, ask for feedback and increase my optimism.
  • Optimism is important to be successful. What types of characteristics are required for a good leader.
  • Leadership is not management. Leadership is about engaging with people.
  • Listen, Change myself.
  • Listen more.
  • Learn to build the relationship with team members. Feeling is very important. Teaching is less effective than coaching.
  • Understanding the styles of leadership and leadership versus management.
  • Be optimistic, improve self awareness.
  • Understand reality – you control your feelings. Always question.
  • Leadership = listening. Coach by challenging and asking. Feeling/relationship rather talk/thinking is the better model for leadership.
  • Management is about talking, leadership is about listening. Ask for feedback from team to increase self awareness. Increasing self awareness leads to better leadership.

Keynote Presentations

Hi Mark, Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us yesterday at the Origin LPG conference in Melbourne. I found the session very insightful and took away quite a few areas to work on - Dan Murphy, P&C Business Partner, Origin LPG

Thank you again for presenting at our leadership session last week. We’ve had tremendous feedback from many of the attendees who really enjoyed the session, It’s been nearly 10 years since we last worked together and I recall the impact you had on our leadership team at Natfoods. Looking at the attendees in the session last week, I could see that the COG team were also really engaged and enjoyed the subjects discussed. The pace of the conversation and breadth of topic is what I think gets people in on the ride and that’s certainly the feedback I have had. We really enjoyed the 2 hours with you and the team walked away richer for the experience. I personally wanted to thank you again for your time - Mark Medwell, Group General Manager - Information Technology
Cottonon Group

Marks presentation for Origin LPG [was] very good and insightful - Peter Kennerley, LPG - Marketing Manager, Origin

Thanks Mark, a great presentation - Martin Clark, CEO, Ausbuild Constructions

Dear Mark, I thought your session was brilliant! Thanks for sharing your insights on leadership. It was very interesting and am sure I will be using some of the learnings at work - Shekhar Narayanaswami, CFO & Director (Operations), Times Innovative Media, India

Thank you for your amazing talk. Your motivation model continues to resonate with me and I'm excited to delve into The Seven Motivations of Life - Mary Ballener, Marketing Assistant, Robert Bosch

Congratulations. It was an interesting session led by you last evening. Much appreciated - Colonel Ramesh Pathak (Retd), Indian Army

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday evening. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator...Thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation - Sandeep Swami, Business Development Team, Remuneration Systems

Your presentation on "Authentic leadership" during the CPA Congress had a great impact on me and the other group members. You are brave enough to challenge the current leadership image/profile and provide the real leadership capabilities through the UHM model. As you rightly pointed out, leadership is more than gaining power. Fantastic work ... developing individual and organisational leadership abilities - Sunita Kadambi, Project Leader, Department of Human Services

Indeed pleasure to have met you and to have attended your seminar on Leadership model. I enjoyed your presentation (both content + style) and look forward to catch up with you on the first opportunity - Nikhilesh Mehta, CEO, Krehst Recruitment Solutions

Leadership Presentation at the Annual CPA Congress

Written comments included: Excellent session probably the best I have ever been to, Great speaker, great insights, Excellent, very useful and I found this session extremely interesting and feel that it was very worthwhile, Excellent presentation and skills taught, Excellent content & presentation, 'Excellent presenter, funny, engaging and well worth listening to, Challenging and insightful, One of the best sessions I have been to over the last years of the CPA Congress, Excellent presenter, Excellent session. I will highly recommend this to work colleagues, Very interactive, Enormously entertaining and with a wider meaning than just in a business content, Great. 

There were up to 55 participants at each of the 6 workshops and the average rating across all participants was 4.6 out of 5 in 2006 and 4.7 out of 5 in 2008 where 4=very good and 5=excellent.

Webinar to - an organisation of 250000 human resources members worldwide (1 hour)

Mark Oliver presented an hour long webinar on the UHM and Authentic Leadership: being the best leader you can be.

Hi Mark, I listened in on your session and I was very impressed. It certainly didn't seem like it was your first time - it was very well put together! You generated some questions which is always great! I found it very informative  - Julie Ogilvie, CEO,

GREAT STUFF!!!!!! - Guy McKanna Head of Marketing & Communications, BNP Paribas Australia & New Zealand

Fascinating delivery. A lot of information to consider in a short time - Ouida Brown, Dell, Inc

It was super. I truly meant it - When I said it was "powerpacked... - Anjali Byce Nair, Director Human Resources, SKF India

Having been in various public leadership positions in the US and now beginning a career in SEI coaching, I can’t thank you enough for making the connections to motivation using this model. Invaluable information and well presented - Glenn Harris , Pacific Executive and Education Leadership Associates

This is an excellent topic presented by an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. This seminar made me want to explore more about authentic leadership. Well done mate - Charles Baggett, IssueTrak. Inc

Overall an excellent and highly useful presentation...Thank you again for a wonderful thoroughly enjoyed seminar - Andrew Afanasiev, Strategic Choice Advisory

I like the leadership development approach - Virginia Jurika

Great webinar - Elizabeth Anderson

Great presentation. Thank you - Bert Baker

Excellent content and kept the interest throughout - Carol Morris, American Family Insurance Group

65 of the listeners rated the Webinar on a 1-5 scale and the average rating was 4.25 which is equivalent to a "very good/excellent" rating overall