Self-awareness is so important in life, and yet such an elusive thing to enhance in practical ways.

Mark Two Consulting has a unique and in-depth 3-dimensional personality self-assessment psychometric test to give you deep insights into your personality style called the UHM (Universal Hierarchy of Motivation) Questionnaire.

It provides a "mirror report" (a very accurate and objective 180 degree feedback), and by answering the on-line UHM questionnaire, you get one of 5 versions of the UHM Report which helps you to develop your self-awareness to a deep level both professionally and personally.

Some of the insights the report provides:

  • How easy others find you to “read”
  • Your level of optimism and typical response to stress
  • Your best learning style
  • Your higher and lower of the four intelligences (IQ, Emotional intelligence, Spiritual/strategic intelligence and Physical/practical intelligence)
  • Your career matches and most rewarding life roles
  • Your natural ability at tactical, operational or strategic management
  • If your style tends to be tough-minded, tender-hearted or “head-in-the-clouds”
  • Your neurochemical style and simple actions to feel, and do, better in life

3 Reasons to try the UHM free self-assessment test

1) Gain self-realisations on the motivations which drive you and the ramifications of your life stage - whether child, adolescent, adult or old age (view a summary of all 8 neurochemical styles...)

2) Increase your self-awareness around your relative focus on head (task) versus heart (people), and "5 senses" versus "6th sense" (view sample UHM Professional report...)

3) Find out which is your highest intelligence aptitude, and which your lowest out of: tactical intelligence, emotional intelligence, IQ and strategic intelligence (read definitions...)

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Testimonial (read more...) 

I had initial scepticism as to whether the UHM questions could provide any meaningful outcomes, but to my great surprise it was so horrifically accurate in identifying my main traits as well as offering guidance in personal development. Having attended a number of such management courses previously let me say your course is the only one that ties the key concepts in any intuitive and meaningful manner… l am confident of achieving better outcomes having been exposed to your philosophies and unique concepts. I should have done this [the UHM] 20 years ago as it is spot on  - Peter Earle Grad Dip [OHM], CPMSIA, RSP - Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator, Monash City Council