Engaged employees deliver 4 times more value to the organization than non-engaged (disaffected) employees. But what takes employees from dis-engaged to engaged?

MarkTwo Consulting works to treat the cause not the symptom of organizational challenges. Leadership behaviour or performance can be represented by an 'iceberg':iceberg

Numerous courses try to deal directly at improving the leadership of others but that is the tip of the iceberg. This is probably a major reason why, despite a plethora of business leadership courses and hundreds of millions of dollars spent in this area over the last thirty years, leadership in the workplace does not seem to have improved significantly according to research.

MarkTwo takes a different approach. We believe that we can only 'lead others' to the extent to which we can 'lead ourselves', and we can only lead ourselves to the extent that we are self-aware. Therefore, MarkTwo starts with self-awareness first and only after that addresses the leading of others in its leadership courses.

Hypothetical example to highlight how MarkTwo’s approach works

1) Example Situation

Staff feel that their manager, Alex is too critical in giving feedback and tends to focus only on the negatives.

2) Typical non-MarkTwo training program solution

Focus directly on a behavioural solution and tell Alex to use something like the “feedback” sandwich technique. This is where Alex is told to provide feedback to staff by saying something positive, followed by the negative, and closing with a positive statement. This often results in inauthentic and ineffective behaviour on Alex’s part when giving feedback.

3) Example MarkTwo Solution

At MarkTwo we would not simply tell Alex to use this or that tool because very important steps must come first:
a) Alex needs to increase self-awareness to understand the wider impacts of his behaviour and realize what he thinks he is doing but is not.
b) After identifying his behaviour and impact, MarkTwo provides experiences which help him to enhance his self-leadership and defining his commitment to change this behaviour.
c) Only now would Alex be given a feedback process to relate to others, which matches his intention and therefore is much more likely to be seen as authentic, and effective.

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Testimonial (read more...)

I found the session to be very insightful. I want you to know that I found Powercor/CitiPower Finance leadership development course to be one of the most practical, useful and challenging that I have ever taken part in. The material was delivered by you with an extraordinary high level of passion & enthusiasm. You took the time to make sure we all ‘got it’! The course has served as a catalyst for personal change in so many ways at work and outside work. It has opened my mind to many things and what I can be. I found the flip charts to be especially useful at bring focus to our learning back at work - Russell Fitzpatrick, Manager Finance Electricity Networks, Citipower-Powercor