Leadership affects employee satisfaction which accounts for 60%-80% of customer satisfaction, and every 10% increase in employee satisfaction delivers a 1% increase in bottom line results.

An American survey released in celebration of National Boss Day(!) found that 65% of American workers say getting rid of their boss would make them happier than a salary increase.

It can be hard to understand where management ends and leadership starts.

In this 35 minute webinar, the CEO of MarkTwo Consulting, Mark Oliver, provides a concise summary of three major mistakes even your experienced managers are making, which are causing demoralized staff and poor productivity, and also some practical insights and tips on how to avoid these costly mistakes.

3 Reasons to watch this webinar now

1) Find out a classic behaviour which leads to enhanced engagement (extra information can be obtained here: download free article on why you need motivated and capable employees...)

2) Assign tasks in a way that gets alignment while avoiding micro-managing people or the other extreme of "dumping" on them (and for more information: get a free book extract on motivation...)

3) Understand better ways to fulfil a leader's key obligation which is to create leaders below them (for many more insights: get THE SEVEN MOTIVATIONS OF LIFE...)

Ineffective leadership is contributing to Australian businesses losing about $50 billion dollars annually...



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Testimonial (Click here for more...)

Having been in various public leadership positions in the USA and now beginning a career in [executive] coaching, I can’t thank you enough for making the connections to motivation using this model. Invaluable information and well presented - Glenn Harris , Pacific Executive and Education Leadership Associates, USA