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MarkTwo works with groups and individuals to help them become more self-aware, make better decisions, build deeper connections and so consciously enhance their quality of life. We have trained and helped many tens of thousands of people to grow through our leading edge development programs which provide both professional and personal development.

We design and customise quality leadership development programs for organisations and, to be effective, leadership programs must provide both physical (concrete) and intuitive (abstract) learning.

We also offer introductory and advanced public programs in leadership development, talent management, and coaching and mentoring. The question is: do you not want to have the best leadership development available for your managers?

Summary of MarkTwo Public Programs and Private Retreats (click below)

Programs Benefit Dates  Location 
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Taking leadership intelligence to higher level

Live On-line Motivational Leadership System

Boost your leadership intelligence remotely with on-line weekly 1.5-hour leading insight sessions over 6 weeks
18 Oct-21 Nov 2024 Online (via Zoom)
Motivational Leadership Program - Building High Performing Teams 
(Modules 1, 2 & Webinar)
Boost your leadership intelligence over 2 days and also attend a 3-hour Leadership Enhancement webinar

26-27 Nov

Heidelberg GC,
Melbourne, Australia

Motivational Leadership Program - Building High Performing Teams 
(Modules 1 & 2 - INDIA
Boost your leadership & cultural intelligence over 1.5 days (For CXOs and Company Directors only)
8-9 Apr 2024


Increasing Inclusion by Understanding Human Personality (Level 1)

Manage diversity and realise the potential of all your relationships, and so de-personalise difference 15-16 Nov 2024 Melbourne, Australia
*Motivational Leadership Immersion Program
(4 Day Residential Module)
Lead effectively in a low engagement highly competitive world 3-6 Mar
TALENT MANAGEMENT - Cutting edge assessment technology
*MarkTwo Professional Talent 
Management Certification

Pick the star performers  18-19 Nov 2024 Dubai, UAE
Advanced Competency Assessment Program Ground your HR systems effectively 21-22 Nov 2024 Dubai, UAE
COACHING AND MENTORING - Making the most out of professional (and personal) life
*MarkTwo Professional Coaching and Mentoring Certification Equip yourself for coaching and mentoring excellence using a 3-dimensional psychometric instrument 31 Jan-3 Feb 2024 Melbourne, Australia
REVITALISING RETREATS - The perfect blend of leisure and learning
**Self-Exploration Retreat and Adventure   Learn, grow and develop into your best self in a beautiful part of Bali 12-18 May 2024
Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia

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Testimonial (read more...)

I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for the insights, training and learning my team and I experienced during the recent MarkTwo [public] course. At key moments during our working days we now find ourselves referring to our understanding of our preferred thinking, acting and communicating styles, and find it easy (and amusing) to relate these to the mini workshops you presented. This new knowledge will be a key component of our future development as senior leaders.
You are a gifted presenter and I would personally like to compliment you on your enthusiasm, high energy and clarity in presenting what are difficult topics, which made the whole experience enjoyable and engaging, while keeping us focused on the importance of the subject matter - Tim Hughes, Senior Director Biotech Manufacturing, CSL Behring Biotherapies for Life™