Boost your leadership & cultural intelligence over 2 days
(For CXOs and Company Directors only)

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When: Mon 8 - Tue 9 Apr 2024
Where: Chennai, India
How much: 199,000 Indian Rupees (US$2774)
Group Earlybird: Only 149,000 Indian Rupees (AUD$3046/US$2076) per person if 2 participants paid for by Fri 8 Mar 2024 (saving 50,000INR per person)
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Are leaders born or bred?

Lead people multi-culturally at a Director's level by experiencing the leadership program that executives rave about. The question is: do you not want to have the best leadership development available for your managers?

Key Competencies

Gain essential skills in the key leadership competencies necessary to create high-performing teams:

  • Motivational Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Performance Management

Some have either attended the Harvard Business School 5 day Global Leadership program or the top European Business School (Cranfield)'s 5 day International Energy Program. They have stated that they “learnt much more about leadership” in the 1.5-2 days on this MarkTwo program than in 5 days on the business school programs. (It is also much cheaper in terms of time and money!)

Now you can experience our Motivational Leadership training program led by Mark Oliver, author of the best selling book: ‘MOTIVATIONAL LEADERSHIP’. This program will give you practical tools to immediately improve your leadership intelligence and inspire better performance in your organisations.

Benefit from a special one-on-one personalised developmental session with an accredited coach after the program to maximise your progress.

Mark LR 26

Why would you join us?

If you are finding that your organisation's staff are just not engaged enough, and instead want them to come together and be more productive so that your company can be that much more successful. Then this program can be the first big step for you moving forward towards this and managers who have attended have reported that the program experience helped them to significantly increase profits. This program gives key development such as:

  • Shattering "myths of leadership"
  • Boosting your coaching skills (research shows that employees who report to managers who are good coaches are 40% more engaged and demonstrate 38% more discretionary effort at work)
  • Insights on aspects of human psychology which are critical to effective leadership as opposed to management (and knowing how critically leadership differs from management)
  • Reduced sub-conscious and cultural bias with heightened strategic intelligence
  • Practical understanding of diversity and what it means when relating to others (in terms of communicating with others, values, dealing with customers, decision making, persuasion and influence, team frustrations and commitment, characteristics of high performing teams, appreciating cultural effects, managing change, giving feedback and dealing with conflict or stress)
  • Success in giving feedback in all its forms, especially negative feedback so that it is received in a constructive way
  • "Strength based" development leadership systems
  • Enhanced systems for creating more leaders below you and generally increasing the self-awareness throughout your organisation
  • Structure to engage and inspire staff to reach their highest potential and produce their best results
  • Coaching by an expert in human motivation on how to bring engagement and clarity for their team
  • The opportunity to explore your leadership with a personalised discovery session

Also understand:

  • Why extraverts do not necessarily make better leaders than introverts
  • How the Indian culture both helps and hinders better leadership
  • How to avoid the "Peter Principle" - promoting people to their level of incompetence!
  • Ways to actively increase all four human intelligences: IQ, EQ, PQ and SQ
  • When leadership must be love, and hate is not the opposite
  • Surprise insights, such as: Project Management requires high EQ and not necessarily high IQ, and that Jack Welch was a good manager but not a good example of a leader
  • How to identify the 22% of employees who are actively disengaged
  • Why leadership is bred
  • And, of course, why paying more for a can of Red Bull raises your intelligence more than paying a little for the same can!

Who is it for?

CXOs and Directors based in India

This workshop is NOT for:

  • Senior managers with no leadership responsibility
  • Managers not currently in permanent or acting CXO or director roles
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What is included?

  • Access to the lead facilitator for questions in the evenings
  • One-on-one mentoring session with accredited MarkTwo coach - valued at 43,560INR
  • Participant manual and materials (including A5 aide-memoire) - valued at 9,417INR
  • 24/7 access to course members page - valued at 5000INR
  • 3-dimensional personality report validated neuroscientifically - valued at 7,920INR
  • Copy of the book: "MOTIVATIONAL LEADERSHIP - 10 Myths Managers Must Debunk" - valued at 1,460INR
  • Ongoing membership to MarkTwo Consulting on-line resource site
  • All meals, tea/coffees and soft drinks at the venue
  • Group giveaways and prizes

Not included: return travel to the venue, overnight accommodation and evening meal

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(Minimum age for this program is 22 years)

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Testimonial ( read more...)

Really after a long time, I [have finally] met and listened to an ‘insightful‘ speaker

- Mr. Vivek G Mendonsa, Marketing Director, Lawrence & Mayo Group, India

Thanks a lot for a wonderful and intellectually stimulating few days ...It was a pleasure and it really helped with the learning environment the way you and your team had structured the course. The course content and the structure was very different from my past experiences and really went to the core of leadership principles. It has got me thinking on a few aspects drawing me out of my comfort zone, which would not have happened without your help. Lastly a big thank you [for] absolutely amazing logistics and administration arrangements

- Kirat Khara, Senior Analyst, Corproate Planning, Sydney Ports Corporation

Dear Mark, I thought your session was brilliant! Thanks for sharing your insights on leadership. It was very interesting and am sure I will be using some of the learnings at work

- Shekar Narayanaswami, CFO & Director (Operations), Times Innovative Media, India

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to hear and interact with Mark Oliver. His session was brilliant. I personally took away many insightful learnings

- KS Bhullar, President - Group HR, ANAND Automative Private, India

Example of Quantitive Results:

1) Sydney Ports Corporation put up Botany Bay for sale and the Australian New South Wales State Government expected to sell it for A$2.1Bn. It sold in 2013 for two and a half times as much (over A$5Bn) and the equity buyers stated that they were prepared to pay so much more because it was in such good shape. The CEO, Grant Gilfillan, said the MarkTwo Leadership courses which have run through the organisation from the CEO down over the last 3 years, directly contributed to some of the financial outcome and the extra A$3Billion raised.

2) 122 of the most senior managers and staff from Sydney Ports Corporation completed an "immersion" leadership development program with MarkTwo Consulting, including executive and senior managers, and high potential staff. Overall, of the course participants:

- over 98% reported that they would recommend this training to others (one person "was not sure"),
- 99% rated the program very good,
- 99% indicated that they believed they would be better leaders now that they had completed the MarkTwo leadership immersion program.

Register Me Now!

When: Mon 8 to Tue 9 Apr 2024
Where: Chennai, India
How much: 199,000 Indian Rupees (US$2774)
Group Earlybird: Only 149,000 Indian Rupees (AUD$3046/US$2076) per person if 2 participants paid for by Fri 8 Mar 2024 (saving 50,000INR per person)
Extra Bonus: You save a further INR62,000 with a complimentary mentoring session, 3D Personality, book: MOTIVATIONAL LEADERSHIP and other key materials, all included
Join as Platinum
Include an in-depth one-on-one professional mentoring feedback by adding only INR52,363 (saving over INR15,944 on full price)