High performance counts yet according to the research "1 in 3 hiring decisions are wrong". Research has also shown that the difference between a very high performer and an average performer is as much as 127% of their salary directly to their organization’s bottom line, year on year. Companies scoring highly on their ability to manage talent earned, on average, a 22% higher return to shareholders than their industry peers.

MarkTwo offers consulting to help organisations get the right people in the right place at the right time. Using an accurate role-profiling system we can set up valid competency frameworks which identify both the capability and motivation of potential candidates, and therefore save organisations time and money by improving their selection decisions. MarkTwo’s talent management support integrates both the people and process part of getting talent working for you.

Development remains important with 67% staff saying career progression opportunities are most important to them when looking for a new job. While 57% say it is ongoing learning and development opportunities (Hays Salary Guide 2019/20). But feedback is key to successful development and only 26% of employees agree that feedback at work helps them to improve their performance.

MarkTwo can help improve large or small selection processes. For instance, we structured and supported National Australia Bank's end to end graduate recruitment campaign including marketing, preparation and conduct of 150 behavioural event interviews (BEIs), internal assessment centres and psychometric testing leading to 27 letters of offer. The BEIs got Nab line managers' buy-in to do interviews supported by a MarkTwo consultant. The Nab managers involved stated the benefits as:

  • running the process very efficiently so that offers were made earlier than other companies (and getting the pick of the graduates),
  • integrating the assessment process steps,
  • hiring a person with significant disabilities which became easy with this process,
  • getting "a lot of really good graduates".

3 Reasons to bring MarkTwo’s Talent Management support into your company

 1) Secure future talent within your organization and close the talent gaps (see how you can do it...)

 2) Reduce the costs of hiring the wrong person internally (promotion) or externally (recruitment) with advanced psychometric testing (get the best tool for you to use...) 

 3) Leverage off all of your organization's collective intelligence (find out what are the four fundamental intelligences...)  

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Testimonial (read more...)

Re: the session yesterday -- it went very well, and clearly we could have spent a full day on this topic. The discussion was very open and we surfaced some of the big topics around communication, trust etc. Very healthy discussion. The key will be the next steps… we definitely needed Mark as a facilitator to keep it moving, review the concepts. Mark -- you did a great job keeping us focused, thank you for that. It was invaluable to have your guidance and facilitation as a 3rd party and more neutral advisor. Greatly appreciated - Janet Ramey, Senior Director, Cisco Systems