The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (or UHM) is a normative on-line psychometric instrument which provides an in-depth personality appraisal through understanding the more complete ramifications of human motivation. It provides a whole new way of understanding human nature, personality, culture and behaviour. It shows there are 7 possible levels of motivation and humans are always at one of these levels although we may change levels very quickly or remain at a level for a long time.

The UHM Report uses the answers in your questionnaire to map out an analysis on you from the UHM model. It not only covers both professional development and personal growth but also intention versus behaviour. The personality appraisal typically takes 15 minutes to complete after which participants receive the UHM report which can be up to 45-pages in length. This is a personalised and specific profile which is ideal for executive and life coaching, mentoring, counselling, teaching and mediating.

In effect the UHM marries leading western psychology with the best of eastern psychology into one universal personality model. It is the only 3-dimensional and holographic psychological instrument currently available and it is supported by recent neuroscience research. The results are clear: individual personality differences matter.

3 Parts of the UHM Report relating to psychology and neuroscience

Part I: Links human psychology to personality (how to experience the benefits...)

This part provides insights from the person's four distinct stages of human brain development: child, adolescent, adult and old age. It uncovers how easy you are to read, and whether more introverted or extraverted.

Part II: Links human biology to personality (interpret your report...)

This part provides insights about the person from their biological temperament:more practical, more sympathetic, more analytical or more creative. This links to the four brain lobes: frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital. It compares how much your intention matches your behaviour.

Part III: Links cognitive science to personality (see the 4 human intelligences...)

This part reflects the balance between realism and optimism, and four fundamental types of intelligences. Also how the proportion of four important neurochemicals in their brain - adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and cortisol - affect their decisions. It assesses your natural (or learnt) intelligences versus your applied ones.

UHM pricing (see content of different reports...)

There are several options available when ordering your UHM report and your choice will depend on your specific requirement and the level of analysis you prefer. The prices below are in Australian dollars including GST (group discounts are available):

  • Free UHM report = NIL cost
  • Personal UHM report = 99 Australian dollars ($90 +GST)
  • Professional UHM report = 198 Australian dollars ($180+GST)
  • Professional Leader UHM report = 242 Australian dollars ($220+GST)
  • Executive UHM report = 495 Australian dollars ($450+GST)

UHM Advanced Feedback (arrange a session...)

In addition to receiving a copy of your selected report, you have the option to arrange a UHM Advanced Feedback session. This is a one-on-one session lasting 1 – 2.5 hours depending on the version of the report with an expert MarkTwo coach. They will be able to guide you through the report and help you understand the impact the results can have on your work and personal life. You will also be coached on how you can harness your strengths and overcome your limitations to live a more fulfilling life.

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Testimonial (read more...)

The UHM [the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation] is a profound, compelling and accurate tool. Completed in 2010, the UHM is continuing to have a significant impact on my personal and professional life. In the 12 months since completing the UHM accreditation course, I have continued to revisit Mark’s book and my UHM report. I have become very focused on implementing the specific actions that Mark suggested during the feedback process, and making these changes has been a revelation for me. It has freed up energy and space in my life in a way that was entirely unexpected. I am immensely grateful to Mark for the great care and attention he has given to developing this exciting tool  - Marissa Dosen, Principal, You at Work