The CEO of MarkTwo Consulting, Mark Oliver, has written several published thought leadership books and articles providing practical insights into the key issue of human motivation, and how to translate this with timeless wisdom and insights applicable to our changing modern workplace.

Below are a collection of some of his written Blogs.

Also below is a link to watch some of his short video blogs (between 1.5-3 mins each) on key challenges in the workplace.

The video blogs are:

1. 3 Common Hiring Mistakes 
2. Turning Average Performers into High Performers 
3. 3 Reasons People Resist Change 
4. How to Give Good Feedback 
5. 2 Key Things to Remember When Handling Conflict 
6. Warning Signals of Psychopaths 
7. How Can You Find Your Purpose in Life? 


See below for his written blogs.

Is selecting the right people in your organisation a major issue, whether it is external selection (recruitment) or internal selection (promotion)?

Have you ever wondered about the level of intelligence of those around you? 

The ‘new normal’ for today’s business environment is continual big change.

Laughter protects you physically and psychologically. It is not hard to see how laughter can help to reduce the negative effects of depression.

When it comes to staff meetings, you might notice that certain people are consistently quieter than others and rarely speak up.

Studies indicate people slept up to 20% more during the past lockdowns but are not typically sleeping better.

A 2019 study of 250 UK businesses operating with a 4-day work week calculated that the participating companies had together already made an estimated annual savings of ninety-two billion pounds.

Managers are often given conflicting advice on how to successfully lead teams. Some leadership experts talk about the style of leadership required in the modern world to be changing. I think that misses some key points.

The direct cost to the Australian economy of mental illness was $180Bn per year before COVID-19 and CEOs are depressed at more than double the rate (Barnard, 2014).

People are your most important resource. Is selecting the right people in your organization a major issue, whether it is external selection (recruitment) or internal selection (promotion)?