How can you secure and keep your best people in an environment where the changes over the last few decades have broken the “loyalty link” between employee and company, and where 63% of generation Y employees expect to stay less than 2 years with their company (and 86% expect promotion in 2 years)?

The CEO of MarkTwo Consulting, Mark Oliver, has written several published thought leadership articles providing practical insights into a range of challenging organisational problems.

2 Articles to do with Talent Management and its consequences

1) Back to Basics - how can you boost the bottom line through your people? download free article here »

If you want significant improvements, you must develop the leadership of managers as well as the systems and structures of organisations before you spend time and money training team members in any other technical or behavioural skills…

2) Diving in deep to get the right staff in the right place at the right time download free article here » 

Mark Oliver provides his tips for building ‘talent pools’ and reveals that the beneļ¬ts extend far beyond just recruitment success…

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And thank you again for your work and guidance through this process. You gave us the mindset and confidence to manage through these difficult conversations with compassion… it has added another "a heart" dimension to this process - Julia Tzanakakis, Head of Business Development, Technology Operations, Nab