Are you a manager with an underperforming team or demotivated staff?

Research continually finds 'leadership development' to be one of the top five priorities for HR and business (for instance see BCG's 2014 research: Creating People Advantage). US companies currently spend US$14Bn per year on leadership initiatives.

According to research by McKinsey, American companies spend US$14Bn every year on leadership development initiatives, yet “there is scarcely any evidence that all this spending… is producing better leaders”.

A Harvard University review estimated that corporations spend US$50Bn on leadership development globally. But concluded leaders are less effective, less ethical and less respected than ever before!

No wonder (according to a 2016 report) Australian organizations do not have the leadership skills needed to meet the challenges of 21st century (See Leadership at work: Do Australian leaders have what it takes?)

This lack of leadership does not only damage businesses but also their employees. Poor leadership leads to lower staff engagement with all the business problems that causes. For instance, disengaged employees are 2.5 times more likely than engaged employees to change jobs for as little as a 5% pay increase.

It is not surprising as poor leadership hurts them. A study by the Stockholm based Stress Research Institute found that working for a bad manager caused a 60 per cent increase in the risk of heart attack for their employees. In fact research shows that having a bad boss has the same health impact as smoking 20 cigarettes a day!

Ther are many myths about leadership: click here to see a common one

We have proven methodologies which can increase the performance and motivation of your staff through enhanced leadership capability. This reduces "dis-engagement" in the workplace and directly improves productivity as, for instance, disengaged employees take an average of 11 days more sick leave per annum.

Management can be improved through cognitive lessons, tools and techniques, but we provide leadership courses that look more at a profound self-awareness. It is clear, we can all improve our leadership and it helps those around us. Our programs enhance self-awareness and leadership both holistically and practically.


Example Testimonial (read more...)

"Mark Oliver has been an inspiration to my team in helping them gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they impact the teams they lead. One of the outcomes has been the 250% increase in employee engagement over the [3 years] Mark has worked with us" - David Bough, CIO, National Foods
[Using research from Heskett, Sasser and Schlesinger this increase in engagement added about $400,000 to the bottom line profit of National Foods each year - from an investment of only 3-4 days leadership training annually with MarkTwo]

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