Are you a leader struggling to motivate your people?

Our articles can guide you in the best ways to get your people following you. Recent studies have found that employers believe that one of the most critical skills to competitiveness is leadership skill. One worldwide study covering almost 500 international companies found that 55% of respondents said leadership development was a top priority. A study by the Stockholm based Stress Research Institute found that working for a bad manager caused a 60 per cent increase in the risk of heart attack for their employees. In fact, research shows that having a bad boss has the same health impact as smoking 20 cigarettes a day! 

Good leadership is critical for success in the multi-cultural and dynamic modern business environment, and there has been a huge financial investment in leadership training by organizations worldwide over the last few decades. Yet you could be forgiven for wondering whether it has made much difference, when you look around at the level of leadership.

MarkTwo’s Authentic Leadership Development Programs are both unique and ideal for organisations looking to develop their managers into more authentic and engaging leaders by using a variety of solutions including advanced feedback methodologies, executive coaching interventions, and leadership development programs.

3 Reasons to introduce our leadership development programs into your organization

1) To significantly increase your employee engagement (get feedback on the results...)

National Foods reported a 250% increase in employee engagement over 3 years in their IT department after introducing a MarkTwo leadership program.

2) To fundamentally change the leadership culture in your organisation to improve performance and create shareholder value (read the results...)

Sydney Ports Corporation put up Botany Bay for sale and the NSW State Government expected to sell it for A$2.1Bn. It sold in 2013 for over A$5Bn and the CEO, Grant Gilfillan, stated the MarkTwo’s leadership development courses directly contributed to the extra A$3billion raised.

3) To improve your organisation’s teamwork at all levels (read the results...)

"Many thanks for the excellent facilitation, leadership and mentoring/coaching at yesterday's Team Time with our team. I/we look forward to the continuing journey over the balance of the Team Times this year and into the future" - Graham Robertson, Managing Director and Vice-President, McCormick Foods Australia

3 Different ways MarkTwo enables organisations to leave a legacy of leadership

1) 1-2 day leadership workshops (see more information on modules and outcomes...)

2) 2-4 day leadership immersion experience (listen to the Authentic Leadership webinar...)

3) 1-3 year leadership pathway programs (download a sample MarkTwo Leadership Pathway...) 

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Testimonial (read more...)


Sydney Ports Corporation put up Botany Bay for sale and the Australian New South Wales State Government expected to sell it for A$2.1Bn. It sold in 2013 for over A$5Bn and the equity buyers stated that they were prepared to pay so much more because it was in such good shape. The CEO, Grant Gilfillan, said the MarkTwo Leadership courses which have run through the organisation from the CEO down, over the last 3 years directly contributed to the extra A$3Billion raised.


[The program] has been life changing for many of our staff and a great investment for the company. It has been life changing for me. I now appreciate the power of engaging the heart as well as the head… Be prepared to open your mind and understand yourself and others for the first time - Grant Gilfillan, CEO & Director, Sydney Ports Corporation (Click here for complete CEO testimonial...)