MarkTwo Consulting has trained tens of thousands of people and often gets ratings of 100% for every item on course feedback sheets filled in by the participants. MarkTwo Consulting can be contacted directly to provide case studies on its executive coaching results, leadership enhancement at all levels, and it impact through accurate assessment/selection support for its clients.

We provide leadership development to many major companies with well-established leadership development programs. It builds off these, where they are present, to provide an accelerator to this leadership development and still gets the feedback below from people who have completed many in-house programs.

Managerial Leadership and Advanced Coaching Series (6 day programs)

There are many characteristics which differentiate high performing organisations from the mainstream and even more consultants, tools and ideas to help a CEO create one. Having been exposed to culture changing models and philosophies during my years in mining with CRA [now the global mining company - Rio Tinto], I was looking for something similar to help stimulate a profound change in the way our staff engage, interact and perform. When Mark came along and agreed to craft a Leadership Training programme to suit Sydney Ports' needs, I naively expected something similar to my own experiences. I was therefore delighted to find that Mark has developed his own and far more comprehensive and usable models to help people understand themselves and how to be a better person and a better leader. The UHM has been life changing for many of our staff and a great investment for the company. It has been life changing for me. I now appreciate the power of engaging the heart as well as the head. This understanding alone is like a keystone for many other ideas and models I live and work by. Be prepared to open your mind and understand yourself and others for the first time - Grant Gilfillan, CEO & Director, Sydney Ports Corporation

Qualitative Results

Just a short note to say thank you for... the managerial leadership training. It was a fantastic course and the last 3 days were simply brilliant... an excellent programme for Sydney Ports [Corporation] which will serve us well for a long time to come - Lachlan Benson, Executive General Manager, Industry Relations & Logistics, Sydney Ports Corporation

Quantitive Results

1) Sydney Ports Corporation put up Botany Bay for sale and the Australian New South Wales State Government expected to sell it for A$2.1Bn. It sold in 2013 for two and a half times as much (over A$5Bn) and the equity buyers stated that they were prepared to pay so much more because it was in such good shape. The CEO, Grant Gilfillan, said the MarkTwo Leadership courses which have run through the organisation from the CEO down over the last 3 years, directly contributed to some of the financial outcome and the extra A$3Billion raised.

2) 122 of the most senior managers and staff from Sydney Ports Corporation completed an "immersion" leadership development program with MarkTwo Consulting, including executive and senior managers, and high potential staff. Overall, of the course participants:

- over 98% reported that they would recommend this training to others (one person "was not sure"),
99% rated the program very good,
99% indicated that they believed they would be better leaders now that they had completed the MarkTwo leadership immersion program.

Leadership Development Modules for Executive Management Team (2 days)

Following a number of [interactions] with Mark I was keen for my top team to learn some of the leadership concepts we had been working through. The two day program with Mark was superb, with extremely positive feedback from the whole team - Tim Moore-Barton, Chief Executive Officer, Betfair

Fantastic course Mark. Thank you! - Jessica Howse, Head of People & Culture, Betfair

Offsite Leadership Conference (2 days)

I sincerely believe that we grew as a team over the past two days and its due to the workshop you delivered. I’ve been to many of these types of workshops; this was the most effective. You have an engaging and genuine style which made it easy to absorb the information. Thanks again - Joe Arena, Chief Executive Officer, Procurement Australia

Leadership Primer (half day)

Thank you for another fantastic session last week. It has really helped us to re-engage and think about our communication and leadership styles - June Yew, Operations and Technical Support Manager, Pacific - LPG, Origin Energy

Leadership Development Program for Senior Technology Team (3/4 days annually over 3 years)

Mark Oliver has been an inspiration to my team in helping them gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they impact the teams they lead. One of the outcomes has been the 250% increase in employee engagement over the [3 years] Mark has worked with us - David Bough, CIO, National Foods 
[Using research from Heskett, Sasser and Schlesinger this increase in engagement added about $400,000 to the bottom line profit of National Foods annually - from an investment of only 3-4 days leadership training per year with MarkTwo]

Executive Manager Leadership Development Course (2 Days off-site)

Everyone [all executive/ senior managers participated] thought it was fantastic... the two days. The role playing with the actors, blew me away, it was so valuable… from a person who is a not a huge role play fan! It was great. They were so powerful. It was really good – Mark certainly knows his stuff, and is engaging… Mark was fantastic. The CEO wants to look at having Mark work with them in the business on a regular basis - Dale Lee, Human Resources Director, McCormick Foods Australia

Many thanks for the excellent facilitation, leadership and mentoring/coaching at yesterday's Team Time with our team. I/we look forward to the continuing journey over the balance of the Team Times this year and into the future - Graham Robertson, Managing Director and Vice-President, McCormick Foods Australia

Professional and Personal Self-Awareness Workshop (2 days)

I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for the insights, training and learning my team and I experienced during the recent MarkTwo Understanding Human Personality course. At key moments during our working days we now find ourselves referring to our understanding of our preferred thinking, acting and communicating styles, and find it easy (and amusing) to relate these to the mini workshops you presented. This new knowledge will be a key component of our future development as senior leaders.
You are a gifted presenter and I would personally like to compliment you on your enthusiasm, high energy and clarity in presenting what are difficult topics, which made the whole experience enjoyable and engaging, while keeping us focused on the importance of the subject matter - Tim Hughes, Senior Director Biotech Manufacturing, CSL Behring Biotherapies for Life™

Indonesian Motivational Leadership Program (1 day)

It was a great pleasure to meet you too. I learned so much from you! I think overall is great feedback from our participants, so congratulations to you both for holding a great seminar and sharing a lot of knowledge. I would like also to express my gratitude for attending the session and learning from you both. I think through this 1-day session, you outlined to me a very crucial leadership foundation that I can exercise through my daily operations. I am so lucky to now know these things and for sure I will leverage this for my development. Thank you once again - Astrianto Adianggoro, Leadership Development Specialist, Human Capital & Data Science, PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia

Wow, Mark... This is great stuff. Thank you so much - Pet Hen Oei, Leadership and Employee Experience (LEE) Head, PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia

Public Motivational Leadership Program (2 Days off-site)

Best facilitation I have experienced [having done very many corporate courses] and focus is on deeper fundamentals than just tools - Aaron Duhig, Service Assurance Product Owner, Corporate Technology Services ITSM, ANZ

Fabulous Course - fully professional and absolutely worthwhile - Lisa Male, Teacher

Excellent, fun, intense, exhilarating, life-changing. Immediately able to implement and apply - Suné Joubert, Director, Business Owner, South Africa

Good mix of activities to consolidate, learning. Excellent mix of audios, videos and slides, etc. Really enjoyed it - Adrian Taylor, Senior Manager, DDLS

Fabulous facilitation - informative, highly knowledgeable, adaptable to the room -  Sherryn Bowers, Life & Executive Coach

So happy that Bunzl sent me on this course. I'm leaving [the course] excited to try new skills and work on my development areas - Matthew Cassar, Manager, Bunzl Outsourcing Services

Absolutely loved it - Sheena Downey, Project Manager, Business Owner

All fantastic. Could have done another day - Susan Coates, Director of People and Culture, Korowa Anglican Girls' School

Executive High Performing Team Program (1 Day on-site)

Many thanks...again for your work on the [leadership] day.  It was an excellent use of our time judging by the feedback I've received from various team members! - Graeme Hosking, Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Wealth

Thank you for your time yesterday. It was a really great day – the feedback coming through this morning is really positive... Already today, I have heard someone preparing for a “level 6 conversation”! - Nicole Chung, HR Business Partner, Wealth Operations & Wealth Technology Technology Services & Operations, ANZ Wealth

Energy and knowledge of the presenter was excellent. Really enjoyed the insights and experiences. We could all benefit from more time with him - Karen Jones, Senior Manager Operations ANZ Wealth

Strategic Planning Workshop (1 Day on-site)

I was very happy with yesterday [Strategic Planning workshop]. It was a high quality result and thank you for guiding us there - Peter McLure, CIO, MMG (Minerals and Metals Group)

The feedback I have received... [on the Strategic Planning workshop] has been very positive - David Bough, Group Manager – IT Strategy, MMG (Minerals and Metals Group)

Energy Industry Managers Leadership Program (5 Modules)

Best course I have ever done - Shane Myers, Manager Heavy Fleet, Control & Ops, CitiPower Powercor

This has been the best training I have participated in throughout my working life and am certainly trying hard at putting into practice the concepts of the course. It has made an impact in our group… Thanks Mark - Filomena Palmer, Project Manager, CitiPower Powercor

[Course was] brilliant again...Thank you for your energy and effort in educating me on what is available as supportive tools that, when used, I'll not only improve my professional standing but also make me a much better person. I am very fortunate and grateful to have attended all modules of the course - Gordon Shinnie, Procurement and Operations Manager, Finance, CitiPower Powercor

Mark Oliver led our Finance Management Team through a comprehensive leadership training program. The feedback from our team was overwhelmingly positive. Mark's program is tough, but he is a delight to work with and he delivered the content in such an engaging way. The information, processes and tools that Mark provided us with are so powerful yet so simple and practical. Essential training for any leader. Thanks again for such a wonderful program - Lovelyn Parker, Manager Finance Strategic Projects, CitiPower Powercor

Senior Manager Leadership Development Course (2 Days off-site)

Hi Mark, great work on the course I really think everyone gained from it! - Nicky Kinna, Managing Director, Bunzl Food Processor Supplies, Bunzl Australia

[The Leadership training] All good ... Just what it is doing now is great Kevin McLuckie, Senior Manager, Bunzl Food Processor Supplies, Bunzl Australia

[Leadership training] covered everything and moreJames Belano, Senior Manager, Bunzl Food Processor Supplies, Bunzl Australia

Most intense and information filled course I've been on. Don't change!Glenn Harris, Senior Manager, Bunzl Food Processor Supplies, Bunzl Australia

[The Leadership training] may I say again was excellentScott Henschke, Senior Manager, Bunzl Food Processor Supplies, Bunzl Australia

Thanks Mark. Once again, it was a very valuable and highly informative 2 days spent together - Mark Phelan, Sales Director

Sales Team Influencing and Leadership Workshop (2 Days)

It was a very insightful few days; and one that I am confident will pay dividends on both a personal and professional level... It was an excellent course with the highlight being the State Managers are following through and ensuring that the lessons are applied. I would have no hesitation in saying it was productive, practical and beneficial - Huw Bough, General Manager, Mortgage Broker Distribution, Specialist Mortgage Sales, Westpac Banking Corporation

I have attended this course and the insight and value we got out of this course was mind blowing and inspiring - Jonathon Pace, Delivery Centre Manager-Corporate & Wholesale and Customer Sales and Service, IT Enterprise and Infrastructure Services, Telstra Operations

School Leadership Programs (Onsite or off-site)

At Bentleigh West Primary School we identified building leadership capacity as one of our key areas of improvement for 2015. After attending the Mark2 Consultancy workshop we have noticed a fundamental difference in the way we approach our meetings and general communication...I could not recommend Mark2 Consulting more highly - Steven Capp, Principal, Bentleigh West Primary School

Thanks Mark. It was a great day and staff are speaking very positively about it. We have a leadership meeting this afternoon so we will discuss how we move forward with all this. I personally couldn’t have been more impressed with the content and the engaging delivery. Stories, humour, personal relevance. The list goes on. Thank you and well done - Tristan Lanarus, Principal, Westall Secondary College

Just want to say thank you for a great two days. It gave some great clarity and insight into how to be more reflective of ourselves while also beginning to understand others actions and reactions... I’m sure we will continue on with your work. Thanks again - Jane Briffa, Assistant Principal, Bentleigh West Primary School

Thank you very much for the fantastic 2 days earlier this week. Mark is sensational, as is the program! I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited greatly from the experience and the learning - Eva Kesidis, Assistant Principal, Westall Secondary College

Senior Academics Winter Retreat (5 day event)

Mark and Ruth Oliver combined to excellent effect recently to provide advice and training on developing leadership skills and mindfulness to doctoral students, postdocs and their professors. They came from 20 Universities from around the world to attend a 'Winter School' at Monte Verita (the mountain of truth), overlooking Lake Maggiore in Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland. Mark and Ruth joined the 5 day school and were fully integrated throughout. I am convinced that the extremely open and interactive discussions between the participants was greatly promoted by their joint and several contributions. This lead to highly desirable transversal mixing in the yoga sessions and during the classes on leadership, with significant impact on the scientific activities. I am sure many essential life lessons were learnt! - Professor Sarah Springman CBE FREng, Rector, ETH Zurich

I enjoyed the sessions very much. They were very inspiring, thought-provoking - and fun! So thank you and Ruth for your insightful sessions. They were an example for what experiential learning and self-reflection can bring to us. And it shows me that in a brain-dominated environment we should simply not ignore body and soul! - Dr. Olga Pardo Escher, Human Resources, Personal - Organisationsentwicklung, ETH Zürich

Asia-Pacific High Potential Manager Leadership Program (3 day programs)

I have come to expect nothing less than the entertaining facilitation that Mark excels in delivering each time. It's interesting that I am beginning to take this near perfection for granted - Li Chow Tang, Manager People Development, Philips Asia - Pacific Region

Mark ran a great seminar for Philips' leadership development programme, providing insights into people management, direct feedback on our own performance and has been a tough, but humorous teacher throughout - Thomas Boltze, General Manager, Philips Applied Technologies, Shanghai, China

It has been quite a while [13 years], but I still carry along parts of your training in Shanghai - Henk Goosens, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Philips International, Meyer Burger, Netherlands

Presenting/Public Speaking Internationally (1-2 hours)

Really after a long time, I [have finally] met and listened to an ‘insightful‘ speaker - Mr. Vivek G Mendonsa, Marketing Director, Lawrence & Mayo Group, India

Thanks for an outstanding presentation last Thursday. The [CEO] group really got a lot out of it - Bob Johnson, Chairman of Pronto Software & CEO of The Pyrmonte Group, Australia

Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences and insights on leadership. It was also a privilege to catch for a brief while and engage you on discussing challenges of Indian Leaders - NK, Human Resources Director, JSW Group, India

Hi Mark, Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us yesterday at the Origin LPG conference in Melbourne. I found the session very insightful and took away quite a few areas to work on - Dan Murphy, P&C Business Partner, Origin LPG, Australasia

Dear Mark, I thought your session was brilliant! Thanks for sharing your insights on leadership. It was very interesting and am sure I will be using some of the learnings at work - Shekhar Narayanaswami, CFO & Director (Operations), Times Innovative Media, India

Thank you for your amazing talk. Your motivation model continues to resonate with me and I'm excited to delve into The Seven Motivations of Life - Mary Ballener, Marketing Assistant, Robert Bosch, Australia

Thanks a ton Mark… it was sheer pleasure listening to you in Pune - Sanjay Kulkarni, CFO, Company Secretary & Head HR, Fleetguard Filters Private, India

Dear Radha, Thanks for giving me an opportunity to hear and interact with Mark Oliver yesterday. His session was brilliant. I personally took away many insightful learnings - KS Bhullar, President - Group HR, ANAND Automotive Private, India

I was one of the participants at the IMA conference at Mussoorie & I would be grateful if you can share your presentation. It was really good - Nalini Lalvani, Chief Financial Officer, Omnicom MediaGroup, India

Your presentation on "Authentic leadership" during the CPA Congress had a great impact on me and the other group members. You are brave enough to challenge the current leadership image/profile and provide the real leadership capabilities through the UHM model. As you rightly pointed out, leadership is more than gaining power. Fantastic work ... developing individual and organisational leadership abilities - Sunita Kadambi, Project Leader, Department of Human Services, Melbourne

Thanks for a very enlightening session - Gauruv Suri, Head Marketing, UTI Asset Management, India

Presenting the Insights from the Universal Hierarchy of Motivations (1 hour)

Thank you for a great Institute of Learning Practitioners session yesterday. Love your graphic of the coloured building with the 7 different layers and your great explanation - Gail Miller, Aged Care Consultant
Thanks Mark, great session and love the 7 Ls - Anne Haberman, L&D Consultant
Thanks for a great session - Leonie Cutts, Cirector, CCS Corporation
Fabulous, thank you Mark - Bec Sharp, L&D Consultant
Thank you :) - Rachel Moore, L&D Consultant
Mark great insights, much appreciated - Martin Probst, L&D Consultant
Thanks Mark  really interesting thank you so much and for responding to chat so smoothly, really like the 7 Ls - Rachel Green, EQ Consultant

Advanced Coaching Accreditation Program (4 Days at MarkTwo)

Thanks Mark, it was an intense week but I thoroughly enjoyed it, both professionally and personally! I feel very fortunate to have spent that time with both yourself and Ruth - Carole Ashford, Change and Communications Manager, Human Resources, Project Summit

Great course and good balance between learning and putting it into practice through live UHM feedback... Great 4 days with a friendly, diverse group - learnt heaps and can apply heaps. Thanks Mark - Graham Robertson, CEO, Sounding Board

First, thank you so much for... the truly fantastic (whilst yet full-on as forewarned :-) 4 days of training - as a gift to me. It was an incredibly positive, insightful and growth-oriented time... enchanting and deeply beneficial four days. You both [Mark and Ruth] are incredibly skilled and gifted - Alex MacFarlane, Consulting and Clinical Psychologist, Western Sydney University

Long-term Impact on Individuals...

[Looking back] I have mentioned you many times over the years - [yours was the] best course I ever did - Steve Limebeer, Director of Security, Hotel group

Thanks Mark and thanks for guidance over the years. You know, like everyone else, we have done quite a few leadership courses over the years but your thesis on ‘rooms’ and your PORT process for directions and communications are the most referable and usable. I was in a meeting just yesterday, with my replacement, and we were discussing a process and were both referring to the Process and it was great to be able to have a ‘standard’ that we both understood and could relate to - in a practical manner - Peter Reed, General Manager Asset Management, Port Authority of NSW

Although it has been four years since Mark presented leadership training at Powercor, I use his techniques every day. Simple things like re-assessing a situation and determining what I could have done better to achieve a different result in addition to analysing what was done well and what could be done better. Some of Mark’s ideas take some getting used to. Overall the theme of Mark’s leadership training and techniques have made me a deeper thinker and helped to develop appropriate techniques for dealing with people, not only in the workplace, but in my entire life - Luke Yeatman, Corporate Taxation & Accounting, Senior Taxation Analyst, Citipower-Powercor

Hi Mark, it is great to hear from you. I was only just discussing some of your work with colleagues yesterday. It is amazing how many times I refer to it when tackling tricky situations with staff - Jane Briffa, Principal, Skye Primary School

I thoroughly enjoyed the course last week and I have already implemented some changes in dealing with my team. I have already seen some great improvements and much stronger communication throughout. Thank you again - April Diss, Group Manager - Sourcing & Contracts, Epworth HealthCare

[MarkTwo's leadership course 10 year's ago] was the wake up call I needed at the time, and I believe my transformation journey started right there in that classroom. Mark was able to provoke thinking which led to large shifts in thinking and opened up the floodgates to self awareness. I am now fortunate that I have made understanding myself and others my life work, which brings me great satisfaction and joy. To this day the course influences my life - Luisa Muscara, Director, Human Factors Institute

My husband did a two day course and it was transformational for him.  I have seen the difference and would like that for my business too - application to attend a MarkTwo Motivational Leadership program by a female director whose husband is a director of another company

The time and learning with your [MarkTwo consultants] was a significant sentinel event on my career, helping to put things into a structure that I had otherwise not seen, and giving me a great basis for improving my interaction with others. Thanks for the time and friendship that we managed to foster through the process. All the best - Geoff Barby, Manager Risk Management, CRMT, Corporate Risk, Citipower-Powercor

The immediate effect of the course has been profound. I’ve mentioned the challenging year that I’ve had,..and doing the course has given me a renewed sense of peace (my body is physically happier) and of optimism - Richard Day, Senior Consultant

It would be 4-5 years since I was lucky enough to be included in your leadership course that you ran at McCain's. I can say categorically that I am in my role now that I have because you allowed me to see anything is possible and we are all different - Shona Adams, Office Manager, TransACT

The MarkTwo Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

Thanks for your time and what I would call the best training course that I have done.
I enjoyed learning and this is no doubt from your passion for teaching and how it was delivered. You are kind, caring and passionate about what you do and this makes everyone feel comfortable and hopefully willing to learn...I will take these learnings with me wherever I go and refer to them at different stages of work and most importantly life. Thankyou for your contribution to my life!! - Matthew Waites, Operations Manager, Programmed

[Program] Is really fantastic… Roger's energy is contagious… really enjoy the course and working with Roger - Janelle Smith, Company organiser and participant, Coventry Group

Sherryn, I would love to be able to give you feedback... completing the modules for the Certificate IV Leadership and Management. Whilst balancing my commitments at work and undertaking the coursework, you have been extremely supportive and patient.
Although I have been in my industry for over 30 years now, I honestly feel that the course you have led has helped my start to bring all the experience I have onto the next level.
I will be taking away with me a whole new level of understanding and tools to be a better manager and leader of the team I work with. I believe that others within our leadership group that have also attended the course have become more effective in our communications and ability to “Manage”. We regularly refer back to sections of the course in our group meetings and we all know value and meaning of lessons learnt... Thank you and all the very best for the future - Danny Pither,Senior Project Manager, Programmed

The challenges I face daily in my new role will be easily solved using the tools we learnt over last months. I want to thank you Sherryn for your patience! You are very good at your job - Anton Hobert, Supervising Foreperson, Programmed

I would like to thank you for your time and patience in helping me complete this course. Yes we have all gone through hard times over the duration of the course, but we made it. The last 2 modules especially, have really helped me in the recent direction change for my career within Programmed. What I learnt through this course is being put to good use with the team being put in place - Sean Donnelly, Senior Site Supervisor, Programmed

The MarkTwo versus Typical Business School Approach to Leadership Development?

MarkTwo's models show clearly that business leaders who are often acclaimed by Business Schools, such as Jack Welch, are at best good business managers. They are not good examples of business leaders.

The CFO of an international energy company completed a MarkTwo Consulting 2 day advanced leadership program. A few weeks later he attended a 5 day global leadership course held at one of the top European Business Schools. On his return to Australia he commented that he had learnt significantly more about leadership (and life) from the shorter MarkTwo program, and that it had been more useful to him.