Now you can build another dimension to your previous accreditation in MBTI®, Temperament Theory, TMI®, HBDI®, MTRi™, FFM, Kolb’s Learning Styles, Majors™, DiSC or Enneagram. The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) is a unique and insightful 3-Dimensional typological instrument designed by MarkTwo and backed by the latest research in neuroscience and personality.

The UHM Accreditation course is an intense 4-day program which will hone your executive and life coaching skills to a very high level. It will give you an edge over other coaches, by giving you a tool to get a much deeper understanding of your client. You will also learn techniques to better engage with your clients and help them achieve their life’s purpose and goals. This sought after accreditation has strict eligibility criteria and there are several steps towards becoming accredited.

5 Accreditation Steps

Step 1: Check Eligibility

You must hold a formal accreditation in one of the following typological instruments with a registered provider:

  • MBTI®
  • Temperament Theory
  • TMI®
  • MTR-i™ (Management Team Roles Indicator)
  • HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)
  • Majors™ Personality Type Inventory
  • DiSC
  • Enneagram

If not then you must complete the MarkTwo Personality Training before attending the UHM Accreditation and it is recommended that you do so even if you do have any of the above qualifications.

Step 2: Complete your On-Line Report

You will be sent a link to complete and get your own UHM Professional Report (included in the cost of registration and takes about 15 minutes) which must be completed and brought with you to the training.

Step 3a: Do Required Pre-Reading

You must read THE SEVEN MOTIVATIONS OF LIFE or view the free 1 hour Authentic Leadership webinar.

Step 3b:Complete  if you are not formally accredited in a typology listed at Step 1

Step 4: Shadowing an Accredited UHM Professional

The UHM Reports provide great insights into the human condition and while the accreditation is extensive and very complete, participants who are initially accredited spend a short time observing an experienced UHM professional give feedback before they do so themselves in order to get further insights into this instrument.

Step 5: After Course Support

After the 4-day intensive training, you will receive three free UHM reports for your friends or clients so that you may practice what you learned in the accreditation and provide them with feedback. This will help get you started as a qualified UHM Coach and you can trust us to always be on call to help!

Price (in Australian dollars excluding Australian Goods & Services tax)

SAVE AUD$1000 and pay 2990 dollars by the Early Bird (which usually closes two months before the program starts)

What is included

  • Opportunity for feedback on the key attributes highlighted in your UHM Professional Report - valued at A$330
  • Access to the lead facilitator for questions in the evenings
  • Opportunity to become a MarkTwo International Coach
  • Six UHM Professional reports to use as you wish - valued at A$984
  • Personal Enneagram results
  • Personal Optimism results
  • 'Boss-Dictator' article on management issues
  • UHM Feedback Chart  Guidelines
  • MarkTwo Human Core Values Cards - valued at A$15
  • MarkTwo Intelligence Cards - valued at A$60
  • Participant manual and materials (including aide-memoire cards) - valued at A$155
  • Book: THE SEVEN MOTIVATIONS OF LIFE - valued at A$44
  • Book: Sand & Foam by Kahlil Gibran - valued at A$14
  • Audio CD: From Good to Great & Leadership Lessons from the life of JFK - valued at A$18
  • Ongoing membership to MarkTwo Consulting on-line resource site
  • All meals and soft drinks at the venue

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Testimonial (read more...)

The UHM accreditation course was an incredible learning experience – I was stretched intellectually in a completely different way from other learning courses, and the opportunity to put new learning into action so quickly with new colleagues was lots of fun. The UHM model is integrative and insightful, and I believe it’s breaking new ground in understanding human behaviour and leadership. Mark is an inspiration as a facilitator – truly gifted ..., and 'tipped so much into our subconscious', has opened my mind to a myriad of possibilities  - Kathryn Vati, People Development Manager, of the Australian law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth