People are your most important resource. Is selecting the right people in your organization a major issue, whether it is external selection (recruitment) or internal selection (promotion)? The process you use helps apart from more accurate selections - new recruits who report a positive candidate experience apply 15% more discretionary effort and are 38% more likely to remain with the organisation.

On the other hand, 33% of those who have a negative experience will tell their friends, 12% will publically criticise their company on social media and 18% will stop using their company's product or service.

Despite going through hundreds of resumes or performance appraisals and then interviewing a score of people, the task of selecting the right person for the role can be a challenge because a piece of paper and a couple of hours of discussion does not always tell the whole story. MarkTwo’s CEO, Mark Oliver, has been advising companies for over 20 years on advanced selection and assessment processes using a premier assessment system called Pario, which objectively measures the complete person’s capability and motivation, especially around those competencies which are hard to assess in the short term, such as "determination".

Pario Assessment Instruments

MarkTwo is the only authorized provider of the Pario integrated suite of assessment instruments in Australia, New Zealand and Antarctic. We provide Pario psychometric assessments to organisations globally. It includes statistically reliable competency frameworks, behavioural interview templates, on-line coaching leadership programs, accurate individual on-line psychometric assessments (Pario Professional) and valid 360 degree feedback questionnaires (Pario 360 ).

In particular, "Pario Professional" and "Pario 360" provide for a complete approach to assessing individuals and teams, and sets a platform for the controlled application of coaching leadership.  A report released this year showed that 78% of corporate leaders have opted to use some type of 360 survey feedback tool during a coaching process.  This number has gone up 29% since 2013.

Price of Pario Professional Report

$247 exc GST (for Full report)

$299 exc GST (for both Full & Summary reports)

$395 exc GST (for all three reports: Full, Summary & Development reports)

5 Benefits of Pario Professional for individual assessments

1) The Pario Professional is more than simply a trait instrument

The Pario Professional uses an ipsative (forced choice) online assessment instrument which supports your interview, selection or recruitment processes to make them much more valid, accurate and reliable. It integrates self-reported behavioural analysis with the respondent's personal preferences, and its results have been shown to correlate very well with much more expensive Assessment Centre results. Its methodology is supported by research showing that high performers are not identifiable by personality traits alone or even ability necessarily. However, those individuals who are more effective have distinctive patterns of work behaviour, reflecting the way they perceive their role and prioritize activities, and this is what Pario picks up too.

2) It provides up to 3 reports per person and gives more complete information than standard personality trait tests as these focus on underlying structure based on various traits (see how Pario can help your business...)

Suggested use:

FULL report – to debrief respondent
SUMMARY report – for the manager(s) of respondent
DEVELOPMENT report – for planning/ development of respondent

3) It is designed around the Critical Success Factors affecting performance in organizations and is more attentive to motivation or needs that shape perceptions or behaviours (read what makes for "star performers"...)

4) It identifies how people adapt to role demands, and the pattern of behaviour that can be linked to effectiveness (get sample full Pario report...)

5) Its results correlate with assessment centre results at a fraction the cost (get sample summary Pario report...)

4 Reasons why Pario 360 is one of the best degree feedback instruments available

1) Provides highly flexible applications (see overview of 360...)

It has options to "target" questions to relevant groups (such as "customers") as just one set of questions may not work with all respondents. It also permits written feedback to be combined with the "standard" rating process to add depth to reports.

2) Has fully customizable outputs (see sample 360 report...)

Questionnaires and reports can by fully tailored to client requirements (including the rating scale, descriptions, welcome screens, etc, and it can provide group reports with a comparison of perceptions by respondent group (eg "customers") across regions, business units, departments, etc.

3) Integrates valid perspectives holistically (get sample 360 report...)

It provides opportunities for 360 pilot studies and reliable competency validation based on 360 feedbacks which combines competency validation with valid 360 assessments. It also makes direct comparison with previous feedback ratings (if the 360 was completed previously) and provides instant gap analysis in reports.

4) Allows hassle free administration (get sample 360 engagement survey...)

It has simple but efficient administration, with automated emails and reminders, and also has options for the subjects of the 360 assessment to add their own respondents.

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Key Point

When it comes to selection it has been said that, you can train a turkey to climb a tree but it is much easier to hire a squirrel. If you want to make more consistently accurate selection decisions then you need to include an objective assessment system such as Pario Professional.