Are you a senior manager who has not got the leadership talent in the business to take it forward in the next 2-5 years?

We have powerful strategies which can ensure you select and retain the leadership talent you need to be successful into the future, in an ever more complex environment. The majority of companies are finding they are recruiting in different markets to just a couple of years ago, have a rapidly changing talent requirement and are required to recruit for ever more specialised roles.

Yet companies who scored highly on their ability to manage talent earned, on average, a 22% higher return to shareholders than their industry peers. So not surprisingly 83% of business leaders are concerned about losing top talent.

MarkTwo enables you to get the right person in the right job at the right time. We start by making sure people have both the appropriate capability and motivation. Capability determines what people can do, but motivation determines how well they do it, or if they do it at all. So without the motivation the capability is wasted.

Talent management is about both people and process. We have comprehensive but practical competency frameworks which can be tailored to fit your organisation. Our cutting edge psychological profiling highlights individual preferences and adjustment to work demands, and enhances any other competency based assessments. We also ensure that important process steps are not missed, starting with a clear purpose for the program.

Overall, our talent management support to organisations integrate the people and process parts of an effective talent management system.


Example Results (read more...)

Mark Oliver helped a major resources company put in place a 3 tier assessment process which handled 3300 graduate applications for 50 places in such a way that the selected graduates were described as "the best graduates we have ever had". One of these graduates put an innovative improvement in place in his first couple of years which alone saved the company about A$300000 annually.

Your Talent

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