This is an autobiographical trilogy is about journeys through serious illness, remote Himalayan villages, and ancient wisdom on human nature, transformed into a practical philosophy for modern life.

Written under the pen name Mark Kingsley, read a raw account of three very different experiences Mark has had in life. 

Mark tells an intensely personal story but he does so in a way which will have wide and sympathetic appeal.  He is very much a pilgrim who is still on the road, but his eyes remain alert, his mind remains open and he has already learnt much as a result of some searing experiences on the way.  It is a pleasure to commend his insight to you - General Sir Sam Cowan, K.C.B., C.B.E. 


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Two updates to this book:

Page 63: for "the average lifespan for an MD...in the US", Pubmed.gov reports: Physicians lived until they were on average, 73.0 years for white and 68.7 for black doctors, not just 58 years as in the book. (As a comparison, US lawyers average lifespans are 72.3  years for white and 62.0 for black lawyers).

Page 171: The Nepali Royal family comes from the Warrior not Priestly caste.