B Bus, Grad Dip App Comp, MACS Snr, CC ALB

Background and Experience

Ian is a very experienced IT systems solution architect, developer and leader. He has worked with numerous international organisations and is skilled in leading diverse teams to create complex information systems to improve work and productivity.

With over 40 years’ experience in the Information Systems and Technology industry, Ian has seen the industry grow from isolated programmers developing one or two program systems that solve simple business problems. Ian’s capability to understand complex problems coupled with his critical analytical problem solving skills made him a natural fit for the fledgling computer industry.

His career commenced in the finance industry where he was responsible for developing the first online branch network system for a finance company in Australia. Ian then moved to the challenges of the mining industry where he developed production support systems, process control system, document management systems and knowledge management systems. His most recent projects have interfaced large business systems with other internal systems, systems with other international organisations and cloud based systems.

Ian’s leadership and communication skills have developed as he worked and led teams in the technical environment. He has overcome the challenges of getting people to cooperate to achieve common goals through to teams of business and technical people separated by skill set, organisation structure, geographical location, time zones, and more recently language, county, culture and different organisations. His leadership skills have been further enhanced through formal training, trial and error, and being exposed to various organisation and accountability structures. His passion for and commitment to understanding others’ problems and situations and using and sharing his experience with others have seen both individuals and organisations achieve successful outcomes in areas that had previously failed or considered too hard.

Ian has been involved with the MarkTwo Consulting organisation since before its inception. He is the author and lead designer of the online version of the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation and contributed to the development of the leadership models and offerings of MarkTwo Consulting.

Career Highlights

  • Supporting first finance company in Australia to have all their branches connected to a simple online network
  • Developing a process control computer language and operating system to control the aluminium reduction process
  • Architecting the next generation replacement of the process control system that is still being used and enhanced in Rio Tinto some 25 years later
  • Setting up and leading the first team within Comalco that used offshore resources for a major project
  • Overcoming the challenges of working with outsourced and offshore resources in numerous configurations and levels of complexity
  • Leading teams to interface Rio Tinto systems with external international organisations such as banks, procurement systems, and contractor management systems
  • Developing The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation online questionnaire and report
  • Delivering results to organisations through numerous roles including IT developer, analyst, project leader, team leader, project manager, IT Manager, IT consultant as both an employee and as an independent consultant
  • Setting up the IT Graduate Recruitment program within Comalco Smelting
  • Helping to establish the Agile Toastmasters club. Held various executive roles and am the immediate past club president. Ran the club’s Speechcraft course. Mentored two other start up clubs
  • Teaching IT at TAFE as part of the adult education programme


  • Business process understanding and application information systems and technology to optimise the business’s efficiencies
  • Ability to see the big picture, the details, technical challenges, people challenges and the issues that need to be managed to achieve a successful outcome
  • Development of IT methodologies (the processes and procedure for getting work done) based on the organisations’ system requirement and the skills and expertise of team members
  • Systems Architect, Designer and Developer in numerous computer languages
  • Team leadership through technical and organisational challenges
  • Development of teams and individuals through coaching and mentoring

Accreditation and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business - Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Computing - Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education
  • Manager Leadership Forums - Rio Tinto
  • Management Analytical Course (Rambo Course) - Comalco Smelting
  • Competent Communicator, Advanced Leader Bronze - Toastmaster
  • Practitioner - Prince2
  • Pario Professional (PRISM) - Accredited by Pario Innovations
  • The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) Professional - Accredited Coach through MarkTwo Consulting