Are you overwhelmed by all the different advice about what makes a good leader?

We have a book that provides timeless wisdom on what leadership really is.

Highly engaged employees produce higher levels of productivity and customer service resulting in 17% more operating margin and 400% more shareholder value. Good leadership increases engagement much more than management. But to consciously improve your leadership you must understand it and understand it from a greater perspective of your life. To do so you must answer the big questions in life such as:

Mark Oliver’s book, THE SEVEN MOTIVATIONS OF LIFE, helps you to answer many things about human nature including these. It provides an in-depth basis for evaluation of individual and group behaviour across creed, culture or country. It defines key characteristics of being human and explains the practical findings of what makes a great leader. The theory is explained using the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) framework derived by Mark through extensive research and empirical evidence.

You can also get a free .pdf of a MarkTwo bookmark for your book here.


1) Lead better by knowing what drives other people (read the foreword by the CEO of Port Authority of New South Wales...)

2) Create more success in your business by working with human motivation (read a business review...)

3) Change your situation by extending your own self-awareness (read a Human Resources review...)

4) Find the ideas to help you answer the most important questions in your life, such as “What is your purpose?” (read an inflight review...)

Book Review (read more...)

"I have to say it is a beautiful book. It is life-enhancing and inspirational, very well-written and easy to understand...although I would not want you to think by that that I find it simplistic. On the contrary, it has great is quite clearly the product of a lot of research and scholarship" - Doctor Robin Usher, Professor of Research Education & Director of Research Training at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University