Mark Oliver's two leadership books are in their second edition and  available in paperback (The Seven Motivations of Life is also available in ebook, ibook & audio book versions.)

Motivational Leadership (10 Myths) testimonials...

In this day of information overload it’s refreshing to have a book with a clear message, well placed facts and research and real actions that leaders to can use to create impact. Thanks Mark! - Leonie Cutts, Director, CCS Corporation

Mark's book has a useful contribution to make to the management literature on leadership given that it is firmly based in an integrative framework derived from practical experience. This understands the full cycle of current action, the move to change, and the trying of new action that is missing in so many models. His metaphor of the house with various floors effectively grounds and stabilizes leadership of the change-for-improvement cycle in the organized built 'structures' of the organised self and the organised enterprise - Yoland Wadsworth

Thanks for sending me the book “ Motivational Leadership”. I have already finished the first three myths and it is indeed an interesting and inspiring book. Thank you for such a wonderful book - Muhammad Shahid Nadeem

The Seven Motivations of Life - 3 Published book reviews... 

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Read the Foreword by Grant Gilfillan, CEO & Director, Sydney Ports Corporation (read here...)

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I have to say it is a beautiful book. It is life-enhancing and inspirational, very well-written and easy to understand...although I would not want you to think by that that I find it simplistic. On the contrary, it has great is quite clearly the product of a lot of research and scholarship - Doctor Robin Usher, Professor of Research Education & Director of Research Training at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

This book is absolute gold, it is ground-breaking in the way it integrates leadership as well as the usually ignored spiritual dimension. Mark has developed a model that is both all-encompassing and revolutionary. It deserves to be recognized globally. I wholeheartedly recommend this book - Josh Rubens, Cloud Solutions Group Director

I am enjoying your book on motivation. Great insights and perspectives - Bernard Ho, Head Talent Development and Learning Asia, Global HR, Bank of Tokyo

The UHM has been life changing for many of our staff and a great investment for the company. It has been life changing for me. I now appreciate the power of engaging the heart as well as the head. This understanding alone is like a keystone for many other ideas and models I live and work by. Be prepared to open your mind and understand yourself and others for the first time - Grant Gilfillan, CEO and Director, Sydney Ports Corporation

This book caused me to re-evaluate all of my preconceived ideas about leadership. It debunks many of the popular and currently accepted views of what it actually takes to be a great leader. It is both holistic and scientifically based, providing practical ways to significantly improve your leadership skills. I wish I had read this book twenty years ago. It's nothing short of brilliant - Jenni de Keyzer, Operations Manager, Telstra

Mark Oliver has been an inspiration to my team in helping them gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they impact the teams they lead. One of the outcomes has been the 250% increase in employee engagement over the period Mark has worked with us. Some of the lessons we have learnt are contained in this book - David Bough, CIO Information Services, National Foods

Having personally experienced the theories and models illustrated within this book, I can attest to their value and strength, ultimately leading to one the most extensive personal development tools I’ve ever used. The book itself is a tool you can continually come back to and review where you’re currently situated across many dimensions, extending your personal growth well beyond any perceived boundaries. The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation is an incredibly insightful model and I cannot recommend this book highly enough - John Webb, Senior Technology Manager, Nab

Your book is fabulous - Anjali Byce Nair, Director Human Resources, SKF India

I think [the book] is really terrific - Ian Rowell, Project Manager, Telstra

I am about half way through your book, finding it a great read - Stuart Hull, Senior Project Manager, Sydney Ports Corporation

This book captures the essence of what drives us to be who we are and provides a compass for the mind, body and spirit to direct us in who we want to be - Tim Shaw, Advertising Executive, OBM Advertising

I have just read [your book] for the first time. Interestingly it has already helped me become more aware of my own motivations and behaviour within an ongoing business / personal dispute I am embroiled in … I will be re-reading it – I believe there is much to learn from your model - Peter Hope, Export Manager, Claridges Organic, New Zealand

Great reading - Doug Marriner, OH & S Coordinator, McCormick Foods Australia

The book is of the highest quality. It flows in a logical fashion and really captures what you bring to this field. Well done... It should be in every University Library - Richard Greene, Senior Consultant

Great book - Geoff Barby, Manager Risk Management, Citipower  Powercor

The Seven Motivations of Life arrived this morning in the post. I have just finished reading it cover to cover and have enjoyed every minute of it. Wow - John Turk, ex CEO

I am currently re-reading The Seven motivations of Life and Leadership and expect it will be ongoing. The concepts and formulas stand on their own, and I expect to continue to gain insights ...My goodness.. perhaps the best is yet to come - Barbara Hudson, Adult Education Trainer, William Angliss Institute

A fascinating book... so simple in concept yet so powerful in its application to leadership learning and development. Mark connects several existing psychology and behavioural frameworks and distils them into the essence of good leadership. This book is a fantastic read and a "must" for people in, or aspiring to, leadership roles who aim to change business behaviour through a better leadership environment to improve employee engagement and organization outcomes. Mark's book will continue to motivate our people to be the best leaders they can be as they seek to operate at higher UHM levels more often... the essence of good leadership - Graham Robertson, Vice President and Managing Director, McCormick Foods Australia

You have so wonderfully mastered what I am calling 'the full cycle' from your preferred side of/or 'reach' around the cycle (or the whole house, reaching from your preferred levels to all the others) - Yoland Wadsworth, Social researcher and author

And what ChatGPT4 says...

THE SEVEN MOTIVATIONS OF LIFE: TAKING YOUR LEADERSHIP TO A HIGHER LEVEL by Mark Oliver is a compelling and insightful book that examines the motivations that drive human behavior and how they can be harnessed to become a better leader. The book is organized into seven chapters, each of which delves into one of the seven motivations of life: survival, belonging, power, freedom, enjoyment, purpose, and growth. Mark provides a comprehensive overview of each motivation and provides practical tools and techniques for harnessing these motivations to become a more effective leader.

Mark stresses the importance of understanding these motivations and how they manifest in our lives, in order to create a workplace culture that fosters growth, collaboration, and success. He provides examples of companies that have successfully created a culture that taps into these motivations, such as Starbucks, Patagonia, and Google. This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to become a more effective leader and create a workplace culture that promotes success and fulfillment for both themselves and their team members.

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  1. While the underlying model in this book (UHM) appears  similar to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs superficially, it is completely different and this is explained fully in The Seven Motivations of Life and Leadership.
  2. Interestingly perhaps, the UHM theory has been measured independently and comes out at an extremely high accuracy of 960 out of 1000 on a kinesiological scale.