How you can build another dimension to your MBTI®, Temperament Theory, TMI®, HBDI®, MTRiTM, FFM, Kolb’s Learning Styles, MajorsTM, DiSC or Enneagram Accreditation with this new 3-Dimensional typological instrument.

TYPES OF Universal Hierarchy of Motivation AccreditationS

Individuals or organisations can gain three types of accreditation in the UHM (The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation) through MarkTwo Consulting:

  • UHM Accreditation (4 Days for the Professional Accreditation and 3 days for the Personal Accreditation - and participants must already have a formal accreditation in an international typological tool like the MBTI® or complete the MarkTwo's Accelerated Typology Training)
  • MarkTwo's Accelerated Typology Training (1.5 Days)
  • UHM Neuroscientific Styles Accreditation (3.5 Days)

The UHM Professional Accreditation Process

The UHM Accreditation course is an intense program which hones executive and life coaching skills of the attendees to a very high level. It also provides greater insights into communities and societies and it generally helps participants to better understand what is happening in their world! There are several steps towards becoming accredited in this psychological instrument:  (note that there is about 1 hour evening's work per day of the course). An example of typical feedback from participants is:

The UHM accreditation course was an incredible learning experience – I was stretched intellectually in a completely different way from other learning courses, and the opportunity to put new learning into action so quickly with new colleagues was lots of fun. The UHM model is integrative and insightful, and I believe it’s breaking new ground in understanding human behaviour and leadership.  Mark is an inspiration as a facilitator –  truly gifted ..., and “tipped so much into our subconscious”, has opened my mind to a myriad of possibilities - Kathryn Vati, People Development Manager, of the Australian law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth

The UHM Accreditation course authorizes users to purchase UHM Reports at a 30% discount to coach, counsel, mentor, mediate or teach individual clients. For more information on this course: Click here. Also go to Contact Us to find out more details or to get a list of accredited professionals who can give you feedback in your area on your own UHM.


 Step 1: Check Eligibility. You must hold a formal accreditation in one of the following typological instruments with a registered provider (recommended):

- Temperament Theory
- TMI®
- MTR-iTM (Management Team Roles Indicator)
- MajorsTM Personality Type Inventory
- DiSC
- Enneagram

If not then you must complete the Typology Training and UHM Workshop before attending this one: see above.

Step 2: Complete your On-Line Report. You will be sent a link to complete and get your own UHM Professional Report (included in the cost of registration and takes about 15 minutes) which must be completed and brought with you to the training. Also you are to complete Seligman’s free Optimism Test and click Do Optimism Test now.

Step 3a: Do Required Pre-Reading. You must read The Seven Motivations of Life and Leadership (this book can be purchased at or See the link 'New Leadership Book' at the top of the homepage of this website.

Step 3b: Complete Short Typology Accreditation(If not formally accredited in Typology). If you will not have a formal accreditation in one of the Typologies listed in Step 1 by the start of the course then you must complete the Typology Day & UHM Rooms Workshop and must read pre-read I’m Not Crazy I’m Just not You by Roger Pearman (this book can be purchased at or

Step 3c: Read (Optional). The books listed below may also worth reading to get a wider context for the instrument and click on to purchase:
- Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman
- Six Pillars of Self-esteem by Nathaniel Branden

E-books may be purchased to lighten the reading load –  see

Step 4: Shadow an Accredited UHM Professional. The UHM Reports provide great insights into the human condition and while the accreditation is extensive and very complete, participants who are initially accredited spend a short time observing an experienced UHM professional give feedback before they do so themselves in order to get further insights into this instrument.

Step 5: Be Shadowed by an Accredited UHM Professional. The free UHM reports which come with the accreditation can be used and this final step provides final sign off on the person's level. This also makes them eligible to get UHM Reports at a discounted rate.


The purpose is To provide participants a full understanding of, and practice in, the Professional UHM in order to enable them to effectively use the UHM to coach, counsel, teach, mentor or mediate both professionally and/or privately.


Substantial participant materials are provided at no additional cost, including the UHM Accreditation Manual (a 90 page manual answering 36 key typological and archetypal questions) CD:From Good to Great & Leadership Lessons from the life of JFK,MarkTwo Human Core Values Cards, MarkTwo Intelligence Cards, Sand & Foam (by Kahlil Gibran) and UHM Feedback Chart.

Also once accredited they get three free UHM Professional reports (worth A$297) to use as they wish.

Additional Resources: MarkTwo Intelligence Cards are A$40 exc GST for pack of 40 - contact MarkTwo Consulting.


Mark, your class was eye opening and educational. I felt that because of your energy, patience and method of teaching, I came away having opened a new window of insight into myself and my colleagues. Thank you for a great class - Roni Dattani, Manager, US Clinical Manufacturing & Op-Ex at the BMFl, CSL Behring

Know what it means for you and how to be more of who you are both personally and professionally in areas such as: better teamwork, leadership, communication, innovation, managing change, coaching, selling, managing conflict, developing emotional intelligence, improved decision-making and stress management. Brain studies and neuroscientific results are clear: individual personality differences matter.


To provide participants with both self-understanding and practical insights into themselves, and others, through a typological understanding in order to help them deal more fully with others in both their personal or professional lives.


The Accelerated Typology Training takes 1.5-2 days to complete.

It covers what other Jungian psychology based instruments (such as: MBTI, TMI®, HBDI®, Benziger Brain Mode, Striving Styles, Kolb learning Style, MTRi, Eysenck Theory, Majors, Birkman, People Types or DiSC ) can take up to 5 days and they can be as much as three times the cost. It also prepares and accredits you so you can become accredited in the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation executive and life coaching instrument.

For more information on this course: Click here.


This training provides a full training in the UHM typology so that they can apply it across a range of aspects of their lives.This training covers the areas which are also covered by instruments such as:  MBTI®, Kolb’s Learning Styles, the four Jungian Functions, Benziger Brain Mode, HBDI®, TMI®, Eysenck Theory, DiSC, MTR-iTM, Birkman® Report, Gods of Management styles & TMI®). It is recommended that you complete the Typology Training and UHM Workshop before attending this one: see above. Typical feedback from it includes:

The UHM accreditation allowed me not only to deepen my understanding of the MBTI, Enneagram and [Twelve] Archetypes, but I also gained an appreciation of the depth underpinning the UHM model. While it seems very simple it is built upon by a wealth of research and science. It is a simple instrument the far side of complexity! - Jenni De Keyzer, Operations Manager, Telstra


To provide participants with both self-understanding and practical insights into themselves, and others, through a typological understanding in order to help them to be more successful in both their personal or professional lives.


The UHM Neuroscienitifc Styles Accreditation takes 3.5 days to complete.

It covers the eight different brain wirings which lead to personality and is equally applicable in any country, culture, creed or race. It shows that personality matters.

For more information on this course: Click here.


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