Challenges addressed by course

This program is ideal for you if you are a manager or aspiring supervisor who wants to increase your own ability to handle change and your capability to lead others through change (this is a core module).

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding the change process, the steps of change and how it fits with the human development process
  • Adoption of more positive mindset to change and ways to be more creative with change
  • Clarity on the impact of change and around the seven levels of human motivation and what to do about it
  • Having ways for mapping how personality affects the readiness to change (and how to get people to like change!)
  • Individual plans and exploration steps to address or implement changes in workplaces
  • Knowing key ways and means to communicate change
  • Insights into how to overcome individual and organisational resistance to change
  • Application of optimism enhancement techniques to help with the progress of change
  • Success in the implementation and managing of change projects in the workplace

Who Should Attend

Managers or leaders from CEO/Executive manager level to Supervisor, or employees involved, or soon to be involved, in change projects (courses are tailored for each group)

Duration of the Course: 0.5-2 days (workshop format with team change exercise)

Dates: Courses tailored for in-house company courses on most suitable dates for the company

Price: Prices are dependent on numbers and any customisation requested for the program, and are available on request.

Testimonial (read more...)

This is an excellent course, presented incredibly well-Mark engages participants and makes learning fun and challenging" - Lou Blanche, Manager, Internet and Intranet Systems, Technology, Nab

Mark Oliver has been an inspiration to my team in helping them gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they impact the teams they lead. One of the outcomes has been the 250% increase in employee engagement over the [3 years] Mark has worked with us - David Bough, CIO, National Foods  [Using research from Heskett, Sasser and Schlesinger this increase in engagement added about $400,000 to the bottom line profit of National Foods annually - from an investment of only 3-4 days leadership training per year with MarkTwo]