Challenges addressed by course

This program is ideal for you if you are a manager or aspiring supervisor who wants to increase your applied intelligences in practical terms - whether IQ, EQ, strategic intelligence or tactical intelligence (this is a core module).

Course Outcomes

  • Insights on how personality impacts decision-making strengths and development areas
  • Clarity on how perception affects thinking and how to account for that
  • Ability to map organisational decision-making preference and apply a fundamentally proven decision-making process
  • Understanding how the human mind makes decisions and how to make use of that
  • Applications of the four types of intelligence and developing them in the workplace (IQ, EI-emotional intelligence, SQ-spiritual intelligence and physical intelligence)
  • Improved tactical, operational and strategic decision making in the workplace and in personal life
  • More alignment across levels of the organisation
  • Heightened personal satisfaction and greater individual engagement levels
  • Better judgement in all areas of life

Who Should Attend

Staff in technical, sales or leadership roles (courses are tailored for each group)

Duration of the Course: 0.5-2 days (workshop format with team decision-making exercise)

Dates: Courses tailored for in-house company courses on most suitable dates for the company

Price: Prices are dependent on numbers and any customisation requested for the program, and are available on request.

Testimonial (read more...)

Many thanks for a very comprehensive and revealing course. I learned heaps and the knowledge will help me in all aspects of my life...Thanks for a wonderful course... and it’s really helped my deal with difficult situations at work - Steven Ackling, General Manager, IT, Sydney Ports Corporation

Several team members have come up to me and have said "that's by far the best development day we have ever had"... I have noticed a huge [positive] change in person X's behaviour [since the course] - Trevor Wilmore, Manager Delivery Support Services, Nab