Challenges addressed by course

This program is ideal for you if you are a manager or aspiring supervisor who wants to develop great leadership in a professional or personal environment (this is a core module).

Course Outcomes

  • Clarifying the four stages of brain development and neuroscientific predictions on motivation
  • Deep understanding of one’s own motivational drivers and what you can do leverage off and develop them (includes an on-line "three-dimensional" motivational questionnaire and report)
  • Knowing the seven ways to create, build or enhance relationships
  • Predicting the seven core human values and where participants are in terms of over or under-balance
  • Increased self-leadership and (seven) positive attitudes
  • Reduced sub-conscious bias
  • Enhanced team/leader engagement levels and individual motivation
  • Determining what people require from work
  • Improved personal leadership in the workplace (and in personal life)
  • Gain clarity on the seven ways to lead and which are the 4 constructive ones and which the 3 destructive ones
  • Appreciating the basis for psychological issues in the work place, such as bullying and depression, its impact and possible remedies so it can be reduced
  • Release of self-motivation in professional (and personal) life

Who Should Attend

Managers or leaders from CEO/Executive manager level to Supervisor, or employees identified for future leadership positions (courses are tailored for each group)

Duration of the Course: 0.5-2 days (workshop format with team leadership exercise)

Dates: Courses tailored for in-house company courses on most suitable dates for the company.

Price: Prices are dependent on numbers and any customisation requested for the program, and are available on request.

Testimonial (read more...)

Best course I have ever done - Shane Myers, Manager Heavy Fleet, Control & Operations

When I first learnt that I was to attend another management training course, taking valuable days out of my work schedule, I have to concede I was less than enthusiastic. I have attended many management training courses throughout my career, maybe too many. Most have had some value but more often than not a new course delivered largely the same ideas. I did not need a refresher on material I was already well acquainted with. Well before completing the MarkTwo training I realised this course was delivering deep insight into myself and how we all operate and interact with each other. The training material also provided pragmatic models, techniques and tools that I could use in my professional and personal life.

A year after completing the training the ideas and concepts introduced in the course continue to generate discussion amongst my colleagues in the work place. I regularly use what I have learnt to assist in understanding and shaping my own actions and interactions with people in an effort to be as effective a leader and team contributor as I can be.This was, in fact, not a management course but rather a course in self understanding, the value of a different perspective and leadership. It was a highly valuable investment of my time. I have and will continue to recommend exposure to this material to my colleagues and co-workers as I have experienced the lasting positive impact it can have on team performance - Niklas Power, Manager, IT Strategy & Service Delivery, Sydney Ports Corporation