Challenges addressed by course

This program is ideal for you if you are a manager or high performing team member who wants to increase staff self-awareness, motivation, engagement or productivity (this is a core module).

Course Outcomes

  • Expanded self-awareness and readiness to take greater responsibility
  • Insights on aspects of human psychology which are critical to effective leadership as opposed to management (and knowing how leadership differs from management)
  • Increased emotional intelligence in the workplace and in personal life (and appreciation of others)
  • Reduced sub-conscious bias
  • Heightened strategic intelligence
  • Understanding of diversity and what it means when relating to others (in terms of communicating with others, values, dealing with customers, decision making, persuasion and influence, team frustrations and commitment, characteristics of high performing teams, appreciating cultural effects, managing change, and dealing with conflict or stress)
  • Ability to apply situational leadership in the workplace (with clarity of the difference between transformational and transactional leadership, and the five ways to manage others)
  • Uses "strength based" development
  • Enhanced potential for self-development and ability to give level six feedback in all its forms
  • Improved personal leadership in the workplace and in personal life (leading to an increase in the applied potential of followers in the workplace)
  • Amplified team satisfaction and greater team engagement levels
  • Coaching by an expert in human motivation on how to create engagement with alignment

Who Should Attend

Managers or leaders from CEO/Executive manager level to Supervisor, or employees identified for future leadership positions (courses are tailored for each group)

Duration of the Course: 0.5-2 days (workshop format)

Dates: Courses tailored for in-house company courses on most suitable dates for the company

Price: Prices are dependent on numbers and any customisation requested for the program, and are available on request.

Testimonial (read more...)

There are many characteristics which differentiate high performing organisations from the mainstream and even more consultants, tools and ideas to help a CEO create one. Having been exposed to culture changing models and philosophies during my years in mining with CRA [now the global mining company - Rio Tinto], I was looking for something similar to help stimulate a profound change in the way our staff engage, interact and perform. When Mark came along and agreed to craft a Leadership Training programme to suit Sydney Ports' needs, I naively expected something similar to my own experiences. I was therefore delighted to find that Mark has developed his own and far more comprehensive and usable models to help people understand themselves and how to be a better person and a better leader. The UHM has been life changing for many of our staff and a great investment for the company. It has been life changing for me. I now appreciate the power of engaging the heart as well as the head. This understanding alone is like a keystone for many other ideas and models I live and work by. Be prepared to open your mind and understand yourself and others for the first time - Grant Gilfillan, CEO & Director, Sydney Ports Corporation

This has been the best training I have participated in throughout my working life and am certainly trying hard at putting into practice the concepts of the course. It has made an impact in our group… Thanks Mark - Filomena Palmer, Project Manager, CitiPower Powercor