Mark Oliver

Managing Director and CEO

Mark is a "master trainer" and internationally credentialled in a wide range of personality, coaching and occupational psychology instruments, and is available as a Conference and Key note speaker, as well as a facilitator and presenter:

  • BA (Hons), Advanced Certificate and Masters in Chemical Engineering - Cambridge University, UK
  • The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) -  Accredited designer, Master trainer and international administrator by MarkTwo Consulting
  • Pario Professional - Master trainer and administrator through Pario HR Solutions
  • Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI) & Step II Expanded Interpretive Report - Professional accreditation through the Institute of Type Development & Australian Psychologists Press
  • BEI Master Trainer -  Accredited Master trainer by MarkTwo Consulting
  • Strong Interest Inventory® Profile - Accredited through CPP Asia-Pacific
  • Enneagram - Professional accreditation through the Institute of Type Development
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation–Behaviour (FIRO-B™) - Accredited through CPP Asia-Pacific
  • Self-Directed Search (SDS) - Qualified to use though CPP Asia-Pacific (based on Holland's Theory)
  • Majors Personality Type Inventory (MajorsPTI) - Authorized by
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Familiarization through Advanced Neuro Dynamics Australia
  • Time Line Therapy® - Familiarization through Advanced Neuro Dynamics Australia
  • DiSC - Accredited by Integro Learning Company
  • Pearson-Marr Archetypes Indicator™(PMAI) - Authorized by Meristem (and authorized to use the 'Twelve Archetypes')
  • Personal Profile System - Accredited by Integro Learning Company
  • Managing Professional Growth (MPG) - Accredited through Blessing White
  • Leading Successfully - Qualified facilitator through  Blessing White (also known as the Leaders, Bosses and Bastards™)
  • Belbin Team Roles - Experienced user
  • Conflict Workshop Facilitator - Registered User of Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Getting to Yes (Negotiating Agreements, Resolving Disputes) - Accredited in the Harvard University designed negotiation skills course by CMA
  • Advanced Management (Gwaltney, Spalding & Ewans Path Commitment instrument) - Mentor Management Inc accredited
  • Learning Type Measure (LTM) - Familiarization through Australian Association of Psychological Type (AusAPT)
  • Pario 360 - Certified through Pario HR Solutions
  • Johari Window - Experienced user
  • Professional Facilitation Accreditation - Qualified as a facilitator in Skills for Empowered Workshop through DDI  Asia-Pacific (Development Dimensions International)
  • CCS Corporation - Recognized user & facilitator of Compatibility Communication System products
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Trained by Covey Leadership Centre Australia
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ) - Accredited by Saville & Holdsworth (SHL) suite of OPQ products, also accredited in SHL Assessment and Development Centres
  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) -  Accredited through DDI Asia-Pacific
  • BEI (Behavioural Interviewing) - Accredited in TSI (Targeted Selection Interviews) both as an Administrator and Trainer through DDI  Asia-Pacific
  • Wave - Authorized to administer and assess through Saville Consulting at Level 2
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS) -  Accredited through DDI Asia-Pacific
  • Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS) - Trained through Brunel Institute of Organisation and Social Studies (BIOSS) - Trained in a methodology which correlates with the CPA (Critical Path Appreciation), a process used to assess Level of Capability as defined by Stratified Systems Theory
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Accredited through the Australian Management Academy
  • Job Analysis and Restructuring - Qualified in the Job Analysis Relatedness Workshop through DDI  Asia-Pacific
  • Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) - Level Mb Psychological Test User (equivalent to British Psychological Society Intermediate Level B)
  • Executive Coach (Level 3) - Qualified through the Institute of Executive Coaching
  • National Coaching Certification Scheme (Level 1) - Registered as Level 1 coach in each of the sports: Soccer, Taekwondo and Squash Rackets
  • National Referee Certification (Level 3) - Registered as Level 3 referee in Taekwondo

Testimonial (read more...)

When I first learnt that I was to attend another management training course, taking valuable days out of my work schedule, I have to concede I was less than enthusiastic. I have attended many management training courses throughout my career, maybe too many. Most have had some value but more often than not a new course delivered largely the same ideas. I did not need a refresher on material I was already well acquainted with. Well before completing the MarkTwo training I realised this course was delivering deep insight into myself and how we all operate and interact with each other. The training material also provided pragmatic models, techniques and tools that I could use in my professional and personal life.
A year after completing the training the ideas and concepts introduced in the course continue to generate discussion amongst my colleagues in the work place. I regularly use what I have learnt to assist in understanding and shaping my own actions and interactions with people in an effort to be as effective a leader and team contributor as I can be.
This was, in fact, not a management course but rather a course in self understanding, the value of a different perspective and leadership. It was a highly valuable investment of my time. I have and will continue to recommend exposure to this material to my colleagues and co-workers as I have experienced the lasting positive impact it can have on team performance" - Niklas Power, Manager, IT Strategy & Service Delivery, Sydney Ports Corporation