B. Sc (Chem & Chem Eng), Grad. Dip Bus Mgmt 

Background and Experience

Pam has over 25 years of experience in key project/program and technology roles, leading change in large, complex organisations such as National Australia Bank, Coles Myer, Lend Lease and MLC.

Direct experiences as well as close observations of events in these large organisations, the successes as well as failures, have created a deep understanding and practical expertise of what it takes to effectively drive change. Pam has led programs of work with budgets over $100m, teams with over 100 individuals, made up of in-house staff and vendors, located on-shore and off-shore. She has established project management offices to enable effective governance of project investments, undertaken reviews of high profile failed projects and delivered board-level recommendations for change, coached and trained executives, senior managers and staff.

She comes with an underlying focus that people with a growth mindset, working together, can achieve anything. She’s able to bring people together, get them excited and then help them shine. Often achieving things they may never have thought possible while having some fun along the way.

Career Highlights

  • Led teams in multiple organisations that have launched new products, improved product features, ensured compliance with changing regulations, improved efficiency through automation, and introduced new distribution channels
  • Developed and rolled out an improvement program to the 75-person project management community and lifted their leadership, self-awareness, project management skills, and staff engagement
  • Designed and implemented the operating model for a $100m program that successfully aligned 143 individuals from various organisations towards a single goal, while enabling agility and innovation
  • Established a projects governance framework that balanced the need for organisational agility with effective oversight
  • Undertook project reviews including 2 high profile, $50m and $45m transformation programs, both with a turbulent history. The insights were highly regarded by the executive team and recommendations adopted
  • Developed a performance management framework for the Projects team to drive greater consistency and transparency of performance management, and also align with the broader departmental and organisational goals and objectives
  • Reduced the time taken to develop business cases involving numerous stakeholders from typically 6 months to 2, through the introduction of collaboration techniques
  • Launched a staff volunteer group in response to NAB’s carbon-neutral agenda, raising awareness of global warming and securing annual sponsorship for 2 employees to participate in research programs in environmentally sensitive sites across the globe


  • Engaging and facilitating alignment across broad and disparate stakeholder groups
  • Helping to establish the vision, structuring work and organizing teams to deliver business outcomes in complex organisations
  • Designing “fit for purpose” project and portfolio governance mechanisms that allow organisational agility while ensuring effective oversight
  • Leading people and teams through change, lifting engagement and performance
  • Coaching and mentoring teams and individuals to be the best version of themselves

Accreditation and Qualification

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - Monash University (VIC)
  • Post Graduate Business Management - Monash University (VIC)